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Qubicle constructor master

Making voxel people in MagicaVoxel has been quite fun. Contact me if there are any programs or services that may interest my readers and visitors can benefit from based on this section. Aug 30, Posts: I can dig out my PC laptop for awhile but it would be nice to have it on Mac as well.

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Voxels lack the ability to be modified right away with various lighting effects and such. Also, to be clear, the mesh optimization happens on import into Unity.

Made a few sample objects and imported them into Unity without a problem. I am now willing to accept [legit] advertising offers from legit companies. I could set this up next week I am currently on vacation, yay.

To find out more abut Qubicle Voxelizer, the stand alone 3D Voxel convertercheck the page at minddesk here.

Qubicle Constructor Master Edition + Qub...

While I've never created anything with Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom. Support my creative work on Patreon today at: Would you like to donate to support my creative work on?

Here are ways to show your support: Follow Me on Twitter! About John Marine John Marine. There's also a Qubicle user forum at www.

It's always great to see what amazing things ppl are madter with your software. Read " Affiliate Notes " for important disclosure information regarding any affiliated material posted in this blog. It is very much okay if you use my work, but be sure to give credit back to me. The asset store link Here's the tutorial video 1 min.

This is actually a much smaller model than the scale of this model indicates. My First MagicaVoxel Scene.

Qubicle Unite: optimized voxel based meshes

That concludes this post for the most part. The flaws with QC are few- including the fact it can be buggy and sometimes confusing to navigate. As of the date of this initial blog post, I am being told that an alpha for the new Qubicle Constructor 2 will be released on or around April 6, Qubicle Unite extends Unity's list of file fomats that can be directly import by moving a file to the assets folder.

There's a lot of inspiring stuff and a free basic version of Qubicle to check things out at www.

Use functions you expect from a professional 3d editor, like boolean operations, object hierachy or color filter to handle complex models with ease. Qubicle Voxelizer converts regular 3d meshes into voxel models which you then can import into your favorite 3d applications using the integrated Collada exporter, or into Qubicle Constructor for further editing. qubkcle

My Voxel People Set. Those who purchased a license for QC1 will be able to try out these in-progress versions of QC2.

Qubicle - Professional Voxel Editor for Design and Development

All work and material are of my own, unless otherwise noted. If there are any programs or anything you want me to take a look at, please contact me online. If so, please show your support using this PayPal item: When it comes to making models with Qubicle Constructor, one of the most important things stressed is to keep your matrices small. Sep 29, Posts: Help Yourself" Available on: I still want you to read my post here on JCS, but give yourself an overview of Qubicle Constructor and voxels by reading these two posts in my main blog:

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