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Studio devil bvc

This virtual tube amplifier processor is based on authentic models of 12AX7A vacuum tube preamps and tube power stages. I use it with Samplitude11 pro without ever having been a problem since 6 months I use it extensively. High-gain junkies might be disappointed.

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Added support for sampling frequencies While primarily intended for guitar amp modeling and direct recording of both electric guitar and bass, Studio Devil BVC excels wherever natural tube overdrive and distortion is needed.

Bit greedy considering the quality of the beast. Haven't received registration validation E-mail? Log in Become a member. Like many real amps, VGA is straightforward in operation, but it's also considerably more flexible. The power amplifier section simulates standard pentode powered push-pull output stages.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Improved simulation of loudspeaker cabinet resonance. It happens to forget that we are not on a real amp.


studo You could also say that the lack of any high-gain distortion units makes reproducing modern metal sounds - which often make use of an additional distortion unit - rather tricky. If I had not purchased, I advise to do it!

And if you're looking for a budget virtual amp, you should place your order immediately. At this price, everyone should own it. Failing equipment can be easily simulated and this allows plenty of creativity. It may desirably enrich sterile sound sources.

Studio Devil Guitar and Bass Amp Bundle | Cakewalk Forums

While the 'big three' produce comprehensive packages, they're prohibitively expensive for many. The transient enhanced IM with mid-side stereo control can change or revive a stereo image, too. There are no time or preset usage limitations, but many of bv advanced features of the full version are missing and RetroBandLite processes everything as mono. Only this ensures authentic devll of the exact sound and feel of the legend in the digital domain. The sound "out of the loudspeaker, there or that of its competitors seem to" get stuck at HP.

Studio Devil Guitar and Bass Amp Bundle

By focusing on just one thing - amp emulation - Studio Devil has produced an excellent product at a budget price. Studio Devil virtual guitar amplification covers a wide range of tones and playing styles, giving you exceptional realism for guitar tube amp emulation. Soft clipping alone is not sufficient to emulate the elusive creamy character of a legendary vintage overdrive pedal.

Changes affecting Juicy77 only: It's that last point that makes it easy for us to award VGA the full five stars: There's also a realistic Drive control to simulate power amp compression. The dynamic response and studo is faithful to those from real vacuum tube amps and reacts to your playing style just like stdio real thing. It studoi features several forms of transient shaping in-between the stages.

Juicy 77 is a High Gain Amplifier Simulator.

Fill in the product description. Each category has clean, crunch and lead channels with a separate Gain knob and a Boost sevil for those who really like it hot.

Software Amp Simulators Added in our database on: British Valve Custom features the basic controls of a guitar amp: Mac VST coming deivl I use it with Samplitude11 pro without ever having been a problem since 6 months I use it extensively. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

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