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Koxbox discography

Posted May 9, Healium wrapped it up quite well I'd say. The Great Unknown is still my favorite album, but this is completely different, its like comparing apples and oranges. Out of the aftermath of mediocrity rises a new voice in the Global Psychedelic Music Scene. There are some killer sequences in there, very hypnotic.

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But to be most accurate this album is vintage psytrance, of an era where the lines were not so clearly defined, where an artist very much wrote their own rules on what their music meant or what sort of odd-shaped box it should be fit into. Spinning Far Away 4.

The Scanner sounds like it could be a remaster, a crisp-sounding awesome artist album of ridiculously well-made and imagined psytrance, the type to be found only during the s. Their debut album, 's Forever After, was recorded with the help of third member Ian Ion, a studio engineer and producer.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. However, this rare file is still circulated on file sharing networks. The Koxbox gained considerable popularity within the psytrance scene.

Flooding your ears with playful sound koxbix covering every inch of the sonic spectrum and bringing you to your feet with that irresistible Kox Box groove. Sign in Already have an account?

Koxbox - The Scanner | Zero One Music

I just don't hold those albums in very high regard, I respect loxbox and like them but neither has ever made my jaw drop. They had a preference for rich, melodic tunes, and this was much appreciated at a time when the Goa subgenre was the most popular psytrance style. Register a new account. Fun melodies and arrangements.

KOXBOX Records and CDs

This set has lots of tracks from the album too: Posted January 16, I've heard this style a million times before in numerous UK psytrance compilations. There exists a video clip for the track Life is This page was last edited on 26 December discoggaphy, at Formed in Copenhagen early in the '90s, Koxbox made some of the first moves toward the kobxox trance sound that became a standard later in the decade.

Living people Goa trance musical groups Danish trance music groups. Those albums had Ian's trademark musicality all over them.

A truncated 2 minutes, 33 seconds long lo-fi RealMedia version of the clip was available for free download at the Blue Room Released websiteunder the band's section. I did not get into Koxbox until much later in my psy career by koxnox time technology had bypassed Dragon Tales and Forever After and left them sounding a bit dated.

Koxbox - Sky Candy I'm hesitant to pick a favorite because that sort of honor will probably change quite often with an album this diverse in artistic vision. Koxbox lost something vital with Ian Ion and Peter Candy leaving the group Koxbox - Spinning Far Away Upgrade the Psychedelic dance music genre… I am not even going to compare it to old Kox Box.

Twenty years after the debut of Forever After, Koxbox has delivered another masterwork. Koxbox - The Scanner The music on top of kixbox basslines is very distinctive.

Their work was of exceptional quality and differentiated them from most groups of the time. Ghost Line - Single. The Great Unknown is still my favorite album, but this is completely different, its like comparing apples and oranges.

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