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Sundri the brave kaur

The Muslims' appeal filed in the High Court was dismissed on 26 January , and a further appeal to the judicial Committee of the Privy Council met with the same fate on 2 May Please buy original and support future projects. In order to satisfy the persistent demand of appreciative audiences, the movie "Sundri" has now been released on DVD. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Sundri: The Brave Kaur

The local TV and Radio programs, always hungry for bytes, suddenly had something which caught their imagination. Let me know if I can be of help to you guys to arrange the screening of these shows in Melbourne. Movie hotline is still ringing with people calling to reserve tickets for 18th May showings. Over people watched kau 8 screenings of the movie on May and May with most of the shows packed to kakr.

Posted by Sukhwinder Singh at 5: Almost invariably the victims chose the latter. The Sikhs resented the restriction on kirpan which was, one of their religious symbols, and launched an agitation against the ban on 1 January Pratab, stayed further demolition.

Sundri The Brave Kaur (VCD) | Singh Jiwan Singh

Posted by Sukhwinder Singh at When organizers announced to home deliver family packs it caught like a wild fire and took everybody unawares. Please be so kind as to purchase only original DVDs at www.

Welcome to the Croydon Sikh Youth Blogspot. This was resented by the Muslims, but the government did tthe use force to prevent the demolition, for the reason that the Sikhs in taking this action were not committing any criminal offence. By mahandulai Started December 30, View my complete profile.

Posted December 13, In the last week Movie tickets were fast vanishing from stalls put up at Dixie Gurughar. In fact Sikh leaders had asked many Akalis to leave the city and sent out instructions sunfri different centres not to send any more volunteers to Lahore. The movie has successfully presented the novel through a contemporary medium. It is an attempt to relive the exemplary martyrdom of the youngest martyrs in Sikh history, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh.

Sundri The Brave Kaur (VCD)

It continued uninterrupted for 20 days, but on 29 June a Muslim mob tried to enter the premises and, although they were successfully checked by the inmates, the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore, Mr S. Surasti, the earlier name of Sundri, was forcibly taken away by the Moghul official and left to the destiny by her own husband and father.

This was the place where thousands of Sikhs, including the celebrated Bhai Taru Singh, and about 3, captives of the Chhota Ghallughara campaign were executed or tortured to death.

Vismaad believes in providing value for money, and also every single DVD purchased will ensure continuation of such projects. GuestKaur2what do u think kiddo.

The Shahidganj issue temporarily receded into the background partly owing to the impending elections to the Punjab Legislative Assembly under the Government of India Act, This virtually ended the dispute.

Many youth have volunteered to deliver tickets during the week and later.

Similar claims raised in and were also dismissed on the ground that the place was no longer a mosque but kaut gurdwara. Posted November 17, Newer Post Older Post Home. Tejinderpal Singh Doola Ji and many other personalities graced the occasion.

Harpreet Singh Would doing Simran all day, everyday, in a dark room, guarantee you to Heaven?

Posted October 26, The Rise of Khalsa Banda Singh ji was a true Khalsa and remained a steadfast gursikh till his last breath. Register a new account.

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