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Planetalk guitar

User Name Remember Me? Discussion in ' Playing and Technique ' started by Macaroni , Feb 27, If you consider yourself beginner-intermediate then it likely has something to teach you. If you know the major scale, the notes on the fretboard, and you study triads, that's pretty much it.

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Aug 1, The idea is that those triad shapes always have the root in the center. Oct 25, 4. Its worth learning, just don't make a career out of it.

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I'm still in the beginning stages of panetalk the system, but I can now look at the fretboard while improvising guitarr know exactly what I'm doing musically, in relation to the key scale and chord being played, and what my melodic options are.

I bought the Plane Talk package a few years ago and I'm not sorry I did. No light bulbs went off as I began reading PlaneTalk - it was more like the 4th of July with each successive page!!!

Yes, my password is: I feel like I can throw my hand anywhere on the fretboard and find a relevant note at any time. It's stuff every guitarist should know anyway.

The second inversion maj triad with root on the 4th string resembles an E shape chord.

Planetalk - Triads?

I think the most interesting thing about Plane Talk is its presentation in "comic book" form. The trouble with learning scales including different modes is that if all you do is practice scales, the temptation is for your solos to sound like I signed up here yesterday to ask a question about my new ZT amp guuitar found this thread here. It's a bit hard to explain without revealing things, and that wouldn't be fair to Kirk.

Larry Carlton did stuff like that back in the 70's. I started looking into it and just learned all the octave stuff for finding notes all plaetalk the fretboard.

This book will lift you out of that rut, and breathe new life into your practicing and playing. Plane Talk uses second inversion triads as its foundation i.

Planetalk - Triads? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

His book and approach are very cool. Find all posts by tbeltrans. So you solo thru the triad notes then learn which other note compliment them. Great fretboard teaching book.

PlaneTalk Guitar Method

The time now is StaffPlaneralk 5, Find all posts by jfq I bought it and returned it many years ago. By the way, where did you see the review? Plane Talk by Kirk Lorange Post your reviews of instructional material for guitar or bass.

Here is a video by Keith Wyatt that demonstrates a similar approach of using chord tones to improvise.

And gguitar probably be moreso if I actually spent some decent time practicing it I don't want to say too much out of respect for Kirk, but as tbeltrans says it's similar to CAGED in that it's a way to visualise and link up positions on the fretboard, pick out appropriate notes etc, but it is it's own way of doing it. Never stop that twangin' Kirk.

MacaroniFeb 28, Originally Posted by jfq Found it - thank you brother! It might be just the thing to trigger a new level of understanding for you.

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