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Obama vs romney erb

The video was released on 15 October on the show's YouTube channel in anticipation of the US presidential election. Retrieved 17 February Bain Capital was a private firm Romney restructured during his time there. Michelle is tall and dark, which reminds Romney of NBA legend, Patrick Ewing, who has a similar appearance to her, if Ewing were a woman.

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During the presidential debates, Romney had an advantage at the first debate, though Obama was declared a winner in the others. The American people were frustrated at Obama's inaction on a number of matters.

Romney's father, George W. For the election in that consists of Obama running against Romney, see United States presidential election, He warns Romney not to misinterpret what he has said, or is about to say, which is "to get one's words twisted".

Lincoln addresses Obama first. Since the eagle is an American icon, it interrupts the rap to allow Lincoln to speak. Obama also states the insignificance of the sweet dish, which in this case is Romney, compared to an important political figure such as himself, which implies that Romney doesn't stand a chance against him, whether it be in the election or in this rap battle.

A double entendre is used here: This lyric is what developed into the lyrics, "Don't bring up wives, man! While Obama was a supporter of gay marriage, Romney was not particularly fond of homosexuals, so Obama tells him to stop with such needless homophobia.

Epic Rap Battles of History - Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney lyrics

So, Lincoln romnney Obama to back his own rhetoric and run the country as he said he would. This refers to the fact that Romney had probably used up all the good material for the first half of the battle, and he is now left with nothing else to use for the second half.

Views Read Edit View history. Sign In Don't have an account? When someone does so, he "flip-flops" his decisions. His use of "Today" indicates that he pbama impatient with Obama not completing a timely thought or remark, implying that Obama's stuttering makes him sound dumb.

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

The video was released on 15 October on the show's YouTube channel in anticipation of the US presidential election. Retrieved from " http: Obama ran in on "Hope" for "Change" from the policies of George W. Mormons and others often go door-to-door as they preach, but such people are often gs away when a homeowner gets the gist of what they are "selling".

Senator from Illinois — Illinois Senator from the 13th district — Such detractors were hoping that a black man like Obama would simply fail, or just give up his aspirations altogether and allow the status quo of rombey white president to remain in place.

The ERB team, according to the Behind the Scenes video on the battle, originally had the line written differently as, "You haven't even brought the unemployment rate below 8 percent! Obama thinks that his re-election gs certain, and he will win another four years for his second term as the President in the White House.

This epithet would later be appropriated to refer to the Chicago area's wind and weather patterns. Romney also had nowhere near the amount of support that Obama had, which led to Obama being the clear winner.

Archived from the original on May 26, All the while, American mass media frequently made the case that neither man had a solid plan to fix the country's failings, so both were presented as less-than-ideal options. Hand puppets are controlled by sticking one's hand into what might appear to be the puppet's rear end while the hand forms the mouthpiece.

He spent liberally, employing both his own funds and those of the above giant lobby groups. From Promise to Power Barack Obama: Lincoln knows each candidate has faults which make him look bad.

Tolkien vs George R. The video was one of the most popular viral videos of [2] and was discussed in cs New York Times article. Discography Episodes " Barack Obama vs.

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