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Simple forms only take a few minutes to create. You will then have to select which form you want to add to your post or page. You will then be taken directly into the form builder. Conditional logic can be applied here too.

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The uniform button ensures that the contact form looks the same on all browsers and you can style labels, tool tips, the datepicker and all other areas of the form such as the wrapper, dropdowns, ipuorm buttons etc.

I recommend using something descriptive if you plan on creating numerous forms for different areas of your site. Creating a new form is straight forward.

Data can be filtered and you can validation settings too. The first thing you need to do is name your form. In the last settings area you can enter the details for your label and tool tip and specify whether the field is required or not.

In the advanced area you can style the outer and inner wrappers, labels, descriptions and text input. That is quite a difference and is sure to be a big factor in which plugin you purchase if you need a multi-site license. Via the optional area you can set a default value, admin label, set an error message, determine where the label and tool tip is placed and prevent duplicate submissions.

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Simple forms only take a few minutes to create. Need An Awesome Logo? You will then have to select which form you want to add to your post or page. All in all I was very impressed with iPhorm.

In total there are 15 different elements:.

Once you have built your form you can customise it further by modifying the form settings this is different from the individual element settings area. So which is better: Inserting iphor, form into your post or page is easy.

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You can create complex forms in minutes, iohorm entries in your database for future reference and edit the style of the forms and the emails that are sent out. All form contact form submissions can be saved on your website. Alternatively, you can redirect the user to another page.

The plugin then insert the appropriate code into your content e. Conditional logic can be applied here too. Email settings for the email that is forwarded to you can be modified and an auto-reply can be setup that is sent to those who complete the form.

In the style settings you can choose from 4 different iiphorm Forms and iporm can be exported and imported too to applications such as Exel and OpenOffice and there is a great help area that shows you how you can create complicated forms and integrate them into your website.

Index of /wp-content/plugins/iphorm-form-builder/iphorm-form-builder

You can also set a message to be displayed once the form has been completed. We would like to make you all aware of the reduction in price for iPhorm Unlimited. I did however find iPhorm to be more user friendly than Gravity Formsh, in part due to Gravity Forms overwhelming you with options in the settings areas and due to how responsive the drag and drop interface for iPhorm is.

You can change the form name, title and description here. Each element has 3 setting areas: By default the plugin saves data in your WordPress database though you can save data in a different database if you wish.

January 17, at All you need to do is drag the element you want into the main area. More complex forms that use conditional logic may require a little more time so that you can test the form and make sure it works correctly.

You will then be taken directly into the form builder.

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