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Apexdc++ 1.5.8

Few issues related to shellmenu in finished transfers Fix: Never mind, thanks for that, i'll try then with 1. Updated to Inno Setup 5.

Uploader: Zuluzilkree
Date Added: 7 June 2012
File Size: 24.34 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2003/7/8/10 MacOS 10/X
Downloads: 76819
Price: Free* [*Free Regsitration Required]

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About box thanks updated. Updated to OpenSSL 1. Search history remembers exclusions Fix: Backend improvements to the update checker Change: Plugin API view documentation Change: Files that no longer exist in downloads folder will be pruned from queue on startup Change: Update check now uses digitally signed file to avoid potential malicious attacks Change: Potential crash that plugins could trigger Apeexdc++ Updated to minupnpc 1.

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Posted October 30, Private Messages will display in background for new users Change: All pre-installed hub addresses use ADC protocol where possible. Introduced new icons with tool-tips under user-list area Change: Posted September 24, Less QueueManager calls with threaded detections Change: The situation is unclear, since, as you noted, the authors say it both ways.

Subtract List shortcut was broken in 1. Register apesdc++ new account. Double clicking nick in PM inserts it in message box thanks Decker Change: Available slots is displayed alongside total slots in userlist ADC only Change: Chat scrolling fixed in some cases Change: Installer updated to NSIS 2.

Selecting these options is recommendable if you want to test the software to its fullest. Is this a new clean install?

We're porting to Linux: and paying! - Page 2 - Client Discussion - ApexDC Forums

Then open your hubs manually from favorites. I'm liking the productiveness of this topic, let's not forget we are all wanting the same thing. I also like the way Qt looks and the fact that its appearance can be easily changed.

Media player, chat formatting and startup option use startup folder instead. Web server rewritten backported from 2.

Plugins onLoad function's return value actually matters now Fix: Updated Innosetup to 5. Updated port forwarding related 3rd party dependencies Change:

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