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Poise vsti

They must be working for the competition because Poise is awesome! Hello SaintJoe, are you still using Poise or did you move on to another plugin? Oz November 1, at 1: Echo, poise is 50 bucks, how much is reason? Saintjoe, I have a question.

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But some just want a simple sampler that can layer, I think this is it. I have both, and use them for different reasons, btv gives me a different vibe vsri when working in other apps.

Im embarrassed … I found the sample editor…. Definitely going to give them a try.

Poise is the BEST mpc style drum sampling software available

Hey bro is this just a vst or is it also an rtas plugin. January 31, at 2: I have a lot of drum samplers, but this is what I wished they operated like. You can record in a track within your DAW and drag your sample directly into Poise. Also, after reading the manual I find no info on regards to make a PAd Loop-play a sample as in non stop playing or continoous One shot?

No doubt…I do use drum racks, but have you ever tried to quickly layer a sound in lives drum racks? Direct, straightforward, no frills and no bloat! Jay June 8, at 6: PoiseUserNow, agreed,very easy to use Reply.

Poise is the BEST mpc style drum sampling software available

There is a beta of Poise out now that has some nice new features, such vati midi mapping of the start and end loop points … etc. Let me list the reasons.

I remember using the beta demo awhile back, but this one has a much nicer GUI. Thanks for another solid review. Xichael February 8, at vtsi After a few weeks. No doubt man, this joint is so straight forward and smooth, i love it. I really like how quick and simple it is.

VSTskins - Poise

That is the sickest drum sampler I have ever seen. Xichael February 7, at SeldomSeen January 29, at 6: Thanks for the heads up man. Pavel, not sure, maybe try the rsx Reply.

Oh word, even better. Pavel October 12, at 9: I think you can pull up the channel panel and there are some settings in there for you to tell it where to route to.

I am gonna check out poize demo. And the price it right too!!! BuqShoqDiamond January 29, at 8: So what is Poise? Hi everyone and Thanks SaintJoe for all the useful info.

Though beatthang is full of glitches and bugs do NOT get it.

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