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Franco luambo mario

Oyoka elengi te olia na mesa? Known for his mastery of rumba , he was nicknamed the "Sorcerer of the Guitar" for his seemingly effortless fluid playing. For years the question remained, who is this Mario? The harsh reality is that Marios exist in our society today. Akobete ngai na zuwa epayi zuwa ya lokuta Epayi zuwa ya biloko akutaki ngai na yango Likambomokemosalakobomakobomabilokoyandakonasomba Nalembi eh Mario na baye yo Lokoso eleki nalembi yo oh Ba familles ya Mario bakanisaka Mario apesaka ngai mosolo Mario en tout cas nalembimbalaoyo Soki oyoki lisusu natuni ba moziki na ngai Baya kobonfela yo kende libela D'ailleurs oza muana bato ngai mpe naza mwana bato point.

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Known for his mastery of rumbahe was nicknamed the "Sorcerer of the Guitar" for his seemingly effortless fluid playing. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The energy in the Mario beat made us dance yet its message is sad and poignant!

Surely there has no place in our homes in this day and age, for violence and abuse despite the credit crunch or whatever emotional and economic situtation in which we might find ourselves! Francp was truly original. He believed that delivering his music in Lingala, his native tongue, would help put his country on the map.

Remembering Franco Luambo Makiadi

Ahsante sana Ab-Tichaz hizi nyimbo huwa zinanigusa sana na kunikumbusha mbali. Retrieved from " https: One of these is an old college frznco called Sandrine. He will always be one of the giants of my time. Bubu Ataka Kusema said: There is music for every occasion and every mood.

More by Franco

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He must be a great man well deserving of such a lengthy song. I was fortunate enough to francco this Maestro in one of his performances when he toured Dar es salaam in the early 70's.

Failing to look away, I read on, line after line rebuking Mario for his appalling deeds.

Congolese Rhumba music has always been a large part of Zambian entertainment since I can remember. He travelled the world spreading his music in Lingala. Ba suki ekoma ya kolala frznco milelu Singasinganamoto Kaka mwasi moto afutaka coiffeuse wana? Retrieved 9 February You are browsing this site as a guest.

Views Read Edit View history. Llkambo naloba kutu ezali te Ezali te, ezali te eza te Mario Koyokamotema pasi te ndako ngai moko nafutaka Bilamba nasombela yo natikeli mqrio souvenir ya bolingo Oyo ezali na lavage nakotindela yo na bato Mario nalembi yo oh Kendenayonabayeyooh Mario ba sapato ya western na ba sapato ya croco Kaka mwasi asombelaka yo?

Huyu kimwana anayeimba anaziweza kuzicheza hizi nyimbo sana.

Mario - Franco Luambo | Shazam

For some women, and to a lesser extent men, Mario characters are a sad everyday reality. You are commenting using your WordPress. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Joined May 5, Messages 11, Likes Points It transcends worlds through its rhythm and describes our daily lives and things we sometimes can only imagine.

As a founder of frano seminal group OK Jazz luamgo, he is counted as one of the originators of the modern Congolese sound.

Oh Mario, I have forbidden you from loving wealthy older women Just listen to the way they patronize you in front of other women and men You have 5 degrees Mario Put a little effort into finding a job Why do you stoop so low? This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat Music often finds the lost words of sweet nothings, sometimes simply about the girl or boy next door. That no matter how educated some Africans are, both men and women, they insist on living a careless life.

Jazz which means The Almighty O. Forum statistics Threads 1,

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