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Socom fireteam bravo 3 demo

Seal AI sometimes enter open doors with their back first, very tactical!. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3 only left me wanting more. Meghterb , Feb 2, And it's diffidently the best third person shooter i've played on psp. Feb 2, 5.

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Im almost finished with the Campaign Mode of Fireteam Bravo 3. Search titles only Posted by Member: Jan 22, Messages: Dec 25, The game seemed to be firdteam faster and smoother than ever, the rain effect was a nice touch for the outdoor sections, and who doesn't want to pop out from behind shipping containers and waste bad guys?

Bot-IGNFeb 2, Personally I think if a "non-fan" is converted by a game and is now a "fan" because of the game it could be a decent game. The demo for fire team bravo 2 made me not want to play socom on PSP. Nov 10, Messages: Feb 3, Wow the review absolutely encouraged me to buy the game.

I just find this game easier to play, with quick aiming, quick deaths, but then again I guess it goes both ways.

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 Killing Report - IGN

Jan dwmo, Messages: Jul 2, Messages: Demos up until this point have done a lot to give me a feel for the story -- a contact is missing and everyone the government sends in to check on him disappears, one of the SEALs gets captured, etc. Feb 7, Too bad they didn't get to properly put out a PS3 title. I'm at least glad to hear it sounds closer to the old Socoms then Confrontation was.

Jan 27, Messages: Most Recent Bravoo Activity. Aug 17, Messages: Jan 8, Messages: And let me thank you for giving an intelligent response and not the usual IGN.

Dya think they'll do something for the PS3 again? Oct 24, Rbavo TheSocom2BeastFeb 2, Oct 4, Messages: Wow, has this reviewer ever played socom, or has he even played this game. Mar 5, You're Good to Go!

Thank you for the good review. Jan 14, Messages: I'm just drawing from personal experience. There's no HQ to take orders from, so you're on your own to decide how you want to take the opposing forces out.

SlimeKIngFeb 2, He makes it sound like FTB 3 is doing all this stuff for the first time and the older Socoms didn't. It gives me faith in the world.

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