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Lj script for hns

Depends if you want to practice pre, which is something you will need as you get more advanced. Added another useful resource. Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by Crook , Jul 8, I hope this is detailed enough for you guys to get the basic idea of how to start off playing KZ, if you have any further question sfeel free to PM me RIP Inbox: The numbers are glitched or something for sure.

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Prestrafing This is a more advanced idea in KZ and is quite difficult and perhaps not needed for newcomers but it goes hand in hand with Longjumping so I thought I would include it anyway.

STRAFE AHK SCRIPT :: CS GO Bhop Elite Player

Not sure if crouching like that helps for consistency or not, but it will definitely limit your speed. Thanks for the shout-out: Gor to try Kz Eh, didn't notice that it was ruben, my bad. Here's a HoC admin's lj 'script' or bind: Crook is good, but Smallzz is better.

Once you are off the ladder you want to face the way you want to go and strafe and sync while in mid air to gain the distance needed.

If someone could hit that jump then would be ridiculously easy.

Do you need to duck before u land during longjumping? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You can get up to nearly with 6 strafes. Thx u, just got my hand on Kz, stumbling af.

250-259 10aa LJ Script

Give me a video of an LJ over with zero prestrafing, shitty sync, and only two strafes and I'll eat a hat. Does anyone know how to install prestrafing on a server?

So, that's canceled out. Submit a new text post. Allowing your jump to go a longer distance. Scripts are bannable on most servers, so I don't recommend you use them and imo it takes the fun of it away.

I just watched the prestrafe tutorial from Launders and now I get an average of without a problem. It's coded in and you cannot argue against it. Scropt can i bind a longjump strafe to mwheelup? Jun 7, Messages: I've been wanting to install it for a while but I don't know where to get it.

I zcript lj script in game. That dicksucking of ruben right there. I'm the same - played hours of kz maps, usually able to do them through bhopping but now I'm sure I can do them properly.

developer lj/cj script -

Nice guide for beginners, however if you want to go more in-depth I would recommend reading through this guide which also covers advanced strafing techniques. Ladderstrafes seem scipt something a lot of KZ players hate, including myself for a long time but I watched this video by Aggressive Gaming and it helped me a whole lot.

Dude the crook has swag is an integral part. Jul 13, Messages: There's no way that's real. These strafes will give you extra speed which will give you extra distance in turn. Crouching will hurt your speed quite a lot and should only really be used at the end of a jump IMO to get extra units if needed. What's the point of this?

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