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Gilli danda

If it travels a certain distance with two mid-air strikes, the total points are doubled. If the fielder is successful, the striker is out; if not, the striker scores one point and gets another opportunity to strike. Khmer Dream Lottery is an dream about lottery. Dictionary of American Regional English.

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The game continues, with a fielder tossing the gilli standing from the position where it had fallen to the striker, who tries to hit it. It can also be played by individual players.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The protagonist and narrator of the story recounts his inability to play gilli-danda well in his youth.

If a fielder from the opposing team catches the gillithe striker is out. He remembers a friend who could control the gilli as he wished. Retrieved from " https: The team or individual with the most points wins the game. The rules are different everywhere and gillii can have fun making your own rules.

The Ancient Rural Sport of Gilli Danda | Madras Courier

Scoring also depends on how many times the gilli was hit in the air in one strike. One of them depicts the nature and village scene of South Asian region while other depicts the ultra-modern and state of the art stadium. KHMS work in November. If it travels a certain distance with two mid-air strikes, the total point is doubled. The protagonist convinces him to play — he cheats at every opportunity, but his friend meekly submits, even though he would not have let him get away with such deceit in his youth.

Hit the gilli on different items like cart, water tank, tractor, etc.

Gilli Danda, the forgotten game

Standing in a small circle, the player balances the gilli on a stone in an inclined manner somewhat like a see-saw with one end of the gilli touching the ground while the other end is in the air. This game is played with two sticks, a larger one called Danda Dandanwhich is used to hit the smaller one, the Gilli Gulli. Today, most of the outdoor games played then are almost extinct, with some on the verge of being forgotten thanks to our busy lifestyle and also the urbanisation which has taken up most of the playgrounds and empty spaces that were so abundant.

The game gilli-danda is similar to cricket. Gilli Danda is an ancient sport of India, possibly with origins over years ago.

Having struck the gillithe player is required to run and touch a pre-agreed point outside the circle before the gilli is retrieved by an opponent. The one giloi hits the gilli the farthest will win. Gilli Danda is an amateur sport, originating from the Indian subcontinentplayed in the rural areas and small towns all over South Asia as well as CambodiaTurkeySouth AfricaItaly and in some Caribbean islands like Cuba.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. After being defeated, the friend invites him to a gilli-danda match the next day. Marathi News Maharashtra Times. If the gilli lands on the ground, the fielder closest to the sanda has one chance to hit the danda which has to be placed on top of the circle used with a throw similar to a run out in cricket. Gilli Danda is known by different names all over India: Views Read Edit View history.

Gilli Danda is an ancient desi sport of Asia with origins over years ago. One such game which is forgotten due to a lack of space to play in is Gilli Danda, or Chinni Dandu as it is called in Kannada. This game is played outdoors. Cricket played with a stick instead of a bat dands exactly the structure of Gilli Danda.

Gilli Danda provides you exciting gameplay with two different environments. The protagonist is shocked when he sees his friend play just as well as before and realises that he had indulged him because he knew that he had forgotten the basics of gilli-danda.

Leslie H Walton Middle School.

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