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Galletto 1250

Best solution is if you quality modify your dump and flash it back. I pointed it into the folder i have from the CD software that came with the Galletto and it finished installing. My Galletto work perfect, reads, writes slow ecus.

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And the dump of memory firmware for Galletto you can find in the docs with software and schematics, find here on dk. I think I can help. Should i flash back the partial read file moded or i will brick my ecu?

China Galletto (EOBDII Flasher) - China Galletto (Eobdii Flasher), Galletto

Instead transistor on K-line j3y is diode 5h. Sometimes it takes couple tents of seconds for wake up ecu! I have cca 3 years Gall. Hy can you hellp me please i heave some problems with galletto and kwp im also from roamania can you give me your tel number? Thank You, In car,try pull dash fuse Sign in Join free. Ok,i said well i see no difference.

Is a bicolor red one,when i plug it in the car i think the both light is on.

Wait for a message. And I bought a clone Galleto until now has not read any of Logan ecu Be very careful with that tool, galletto. I personally know a lot of guys crying after resofting with galletto. When y install the drivers gzlletto i have to see it in the device manager? Hi, I've fixed my with bicolour led by replacing max I managed to get it working.

Hi, Galletro would like to ask. I think you have to desolde 29f and read with some programers like willem. Do i copy the entire CDM folder into galletto?

On the other device I've found ICL burned. It is no so hard work searching a schematic here, if you know what you are searching! Would a picture of the inner be helpful?

Deposit Service Commitments In order to improve the quality of service, ECVV will charge for a CNY deposit for the agent purchasing order, and the deposit will be part of subsequent purchasing costs.

Galletto 1250 (EOBDII Flasher)

What is new in Yes, you must save your ECU dump with DDT, and then you can do anything you want, write tuned maps, anytime you can write back your original map previously gallettl. You must have a back-up solution in case of They sell interface for a lot of money and this is the first interface i see at lower price Has anyone got any ideas thanks. Can it be possible that maybe this is causing problems with the Galletto being able to connect?

Hi, Ive tried everything posted in this thread and the clone I have just hangs as soon as I try read ecu15p. Tried read on bench marelli iaw59f,sagem s,some vw and opel cars over obd but nothing.

Also my other box with Win7 64bit didnt work with this software. This is just a Clone tool, to read Sirius32 you need a better tool, or just remove the 29F Flash and read with a programmer.

With the Galletto V.

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