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Weka 3.7.4

If your computer has a display that has a high pixel density, and you are using Windows, Weka's user interfaces may not be scaled appropriately and appear tiny. This will shuffle the data when the object is constructed, or when Shuffle is called. The end position of input activation 1 equals to the begin position of input activation 2.

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Removed the norm term from the interpretation objective function. Deep Learning Tutorials illustrate deep learning with Theano. If your computer has a display that has a high pixel density, and you are using Windows, Weka's weeka interfaces may not be scaled appropriately and appear tiny. Released June 8th, Mozilla Public License 2.

HdfLeveldbLmdbPrototxt 33.7.4 Mostly Lisa Lab License: Update for cuDNN 7. Bsd 3 Clause License Programming Language: Introduction of an optional distance function to synapses.


Python module for machine learning multivariate time series Changes: Deep measuring net sequence DMNS is a sequence of three deep measuring nets, the later are deep fcn-based networks, directely output object category score, object orientation, location and scale simultaneously without any anchor boxes. Gnu Gpl Ewka 3 Programming Language: Matthias HeinThomas Buehler License: PythonCCuda.

Handle reductions with non-default accumulator dtype better on the GPU.

Databases for DMNS source codes 1. A fast and scalable graph-based clustering algorithm based on the eigenvectors of the nonlinear 1-Laplacian. Theano should work under PyPy now this is experimental. There are different options for downloading and installing it on your system: DMNS acheived high accuracy in maneuvering target detection and geometrical measurements.

Instance relations also compare the input activations of two synapses, but instead of the ranges the dependency relations of these activations are compared. Aika is an open source text mining engine.

Source codes of DMNS based on caffe platform 1. AsciiBinaryHdfCsv Tags: Gpl Version 3 Programming Language: Fix for a crash related to mixed dtypes with cuDNN convolutions. This is a maintenance 3.7.4 of Theano, version 1. Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Changes: Platform Independent Data Formats: This branch of Weka receives bug fixes only, although new features may become available in packages.

Platform Agnostic Data Formats: Baycomp is a library for Bayesian comparison of classifiers, as a better alternative for null-hypothesis significance testing. Two types of relations are currently supported, range relations and instance relations.

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A WEKA package for analyzing emotion and sentiment of tweets. Stable version Weka 3.

Snapshots Every night a snapshot of the Subversion repository is taken, compiled and put together in ZIP files.

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