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Styxx sherrilyn kenyon

If you're a soft at heart, this one is NOT for you. First of all, this is a very violent and most graphic book on sexual abuse ever written under the guise of PNR. Eternally torturing hero, prick little brother and siter's torturing, everybody torturing a hero, like it's not going to end! I was wrong about him on so many levels, but even he had moments of epic fails and idiotic decisions.

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After I read it, I felt so many different things. And then there was Ash putting him back on an island which doesn't add up either except as a filler and show everyone that Ash is asshole.

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I pretty much deemed it impossible. He is still my ultimate favorite. But the things that weren't in Acheron - yeah those got to me. He lost the woman he loved and the family he could have had.

Characters were flipping the script left and right, doing things totally out of character. In his case, body and soul.

The story has a happy ending. Each scene reminded me of which books they knyon from. The backstory is that the Atlantean goddess Apollymi finally conceived a baby after centuries of trying and failing.

My Favorite Half Night. Too little too late.

And I'm so glad she did. Styxx is as horribly abused as Ach was, but I can't keep hearing about it. Published September 3rd by St. I kenyln have even had a moment or two when his sexiness surpassed Ash's for me. For obvious reasons as I will explain.

Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Or getting a book that was sherdilyn. I get that ancient times were often cruel nor am I saying that there can't ever be evil gay male hserrilyn, but Estes, Apollo and most of the males who enjoyed raping them seemed written by gleeful anti-gay zealots rather than an author who should know better.

Styxx was such a weak,tender hero who never thought of revenge. But over time, he earned his freedom, no matter how thin. And honestly, he preferred it that way. Yeah…because stabbing your child is always an acceptable way to behave.

I'm not sure how this'll turn out, but I'm hoping for the best I also feel like I sherrioyn experiencing the characters life through their eyes and body, and it usually leaves me quite drained once I am finished. When Styxx was thirteen or fourteen, he felt a horrible pain go through his tongue and it swelled.

Not because his pain was above all others, but because his pain he kept hidden. If you're Kenyon's butt buddy and are not mature enough to understand everyone has their own opinion, look away now, for I do not intentionally set out to hurt feelings. Acheron was so high that he was unable to help Ryssa and her child and he slept in the room next door to them. This book seemed ominous from the start. Ash went through hell, and on top of all of that he'd shergilyn for others for thousands of years without asking for anything in return.

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Well, other than that i have a message for Sherrilyn Kenyon: The only time he ever had peace and happiness was with the one woman he was never meant to have. Honestly, this book turned my world upside down. Estes also told him what he was doing to Acheron, that he made him a keyon slave and sold him to men and woman who could afford his steep price.

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