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Soundarya lahari slokas

Retrieved 14 August Who considers you, Who is of the form of rays, And is surrounded on all four sides, By the angels of power called Anima, As his soul always, And who considers the wealth of the three eyed God, As worthless and as equal to dried grass. And that is why perhaps, Indra and other Gods, Stay outside your gates, And attain your sweet self, By practice of siddhis like Anima.

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Which grants the sooundarya, All powers that give powers, Over all the states in life. The yin and yang factor feminine and masculine factor is balanced.

You wear the chain with fame, Like you wear the fame of our Lord. Oh, She who is lahxri to none, It is for sure, That the black female fish in the stream, Are afraid to close their eyes. I feel that thine face, With the pair of ear studs, Reflected in thine two mirror like cheeks. Many poets reach the Goddess of learning, The wife of the creaor, By composing soulfull poems. Oh Goddess Uma, You only tell us ,how, How we can describe, The shining of your hands, By the light of your nails, Which tease laharo redness of freshly opened lotus?

Oh daughter of the mountain, How can we describe the beauty sounddarya your chin, Which was with affection caressed, By the tip of his fingers by your father Himavan: By nature slightly curled, And shining like the young honey bees Your golden thread like hairs, Surround your golden face. I pray in your holy wheel of Mooladhara, You who likes to dance, And calls yourself as Samaya, And that Lord who performs the great vigorous dance, Which has all the shades of nine emotions.

Oh goddess who has beautiful rows of teeth, I tried to find a simile to your blood red lips, And can only imagine the fruit of the coral vine! Atleast 11 times chanting is a must everyday. Hey, Mother who is Goddess of all universe, He who meditates on youAs the crescent of love of our lord great, On the dot of the holy wheel, Your two busts just below, And you as the half of Shiva our lord, Not only Creates waves of emotion in ladies, But charms the world, which has moon and sun as busts.

Mother mine, The well known tongue of yours, Which without rest chants and repeats, The many goods of your Consort, Shiva, Is red like the hibiscus flower. Those who worship theelaharri mother, Are so learned and so rich, That even Brahma and Vishnu, Are jealous of them They are so handsome, That even the wife of Cupid, Rathi, Yearns for them.

Soundarya Lahari

There are many English translations with commentaries on Soundarya Lahari done by various authors. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But Adi Shankara had seen some part of the writings and with his superior mind recollected the rest. Oh mother of the world, The lords subrahmanya, Vishnu and Indra, Returning and resting after the war with Asuras.

By this look I will become rich with all that is known, And you do not loose anything whatsoever, For does not the moon shine alike, In the forest and sohndarya great.

There are several legends about this work.

This world has you both as parents, Because you in your mercy, wed one another, To recreate the world, As the world was destroyed in the grand deluge. You are Leading light of the home of Lord Shiva, Who destroyed the three cities, And so coming near you and worshipping at thine feet, Are not for those with weak mind. It is not surprising to know, Oh mother, Who does not have birth and death, And who is most suitable to be served, That the destroying fire of the deluge, Shows prayerful harathi to the one.

The learned men seem to see a line, Which is in the shape of a small wave of the river Yamuna, And which shines and glitters, and appears like the skyMade very thin by thine dense colliding breasts, Entering your cave like navel.

Of them the slokqs famous is that written by Lakshmi Dhara alias Lalla, His commentary is used to understand the meaning of the different verses. Part of a series on. It is enclosed in golden loket and you can wear it.

Let the mutterings that I do, With the sacrifice in my soul. Presented by your devotees, And make thine third eye light purple, With jealousy and envy, 51 Attracting all people Shive sringarardhra tad-ithara-jane kutsana-paraa Sarosha Gangayam Girisa-charite'vismayavathi; Har'ahibhyo bhita sarasi-ruha-saubhagya-janani Sakhishu smera the mayi janani dristih sakaruna Mother of all universe, The look from your eyes, Is kind and soundarrya with love, when looking at your Lord, Is filled with hatred at all other men, Is filled with anger when looking at Ganga, The other wife of your Lord, Is filled with wonderWhen hearing the stories of your Lord, Is filled with fearwhen seeing the snakes worn by your Lord, Is filled with red colour of valour of the pretty lotus fine, Is filled with jollity, when seeing your friends, And filled with mercy, when seeing me.

It is a tantra textbook, giving instructions on Puja and offerings, many yantra, almost one to each shloka; describing the tantra technique of performing devotion connected to each specific shloka; and details the results ensuing therefrom.


Retrieved from " https: Verses 42 are more straightforward; they describe the physical beauty of the Goddess and are sometimes referred to as the Soundarya Lahari itself. The first verse itself clearly describes this idea. Verses 1 - 41 describe the mystical experience of the union of Shiva and Shakti and related phenomena.

It was read from there by Sage Goudapada who taught it to Adi Sankara. llahari

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