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Quickbasic 4.5

It only died due to starving to death for operating system compatibility issues. Hell you can even make windows system calls. Lots of Linux stuff, lots of C stuff. It was similar to directX and allowed for accessing full memory as well as all graphics modes. This is the final version of XBasic from and has been developed for 32bit operating systems, e.

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QBasic - Wikipedia

Below that is the zero page index region… As soon as you issue a PHX command or whatever, it would start deleting the beginning of your program! Features include a drag-and-drop control toolbox, codeless UI creation, and an event-oriented programming model.

Lots of system stuff is infested with stuff like that. It seemed too good to be true, how could this technology possibly be improved upon?

There must be millions of customised apps for small fields of business that are just VB code strapped on to a database engine. Thank you for writing this article, and allowing me to feel some nostalgia.

As far as C goes, and Pascal, if you wanted to learn them, and had a few hundred dollars to spare, you could.

There were a lot of good assembly libraries for QB which allowed for full usage of the hardware to a point, but without some manner of update it was doomed. Smart nerd like you could surely get employed somewhere. No need to save them as TEXT. I think taking ages to do simple things is probably down to the programmer, not the language.

QuickBASIC Lives On with QB64

Basically people submitted code I have a bit in there myselfhe created an archive, then released it. Archived from the quickbsic on 4 September You are commenting using your WordPress.

Bill if your out there, chime in please! You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Ease of programming, and the ease of assembly integration. C was invented to write Unix in, and it did a good job. Well, I did a pretty good job of explaining the difference in detail.

Windows with QBasic and QuickBASIC - Working Solutions

You may want to point to the new http: They are different products. You used the tools you had.

Being able to play music and ambient sound effects in the background makes even sloppily done games seem a lot better. With the WWW coming right on its peak of popularity with beginners and hobbyists, GW-Basic never really got a huge online following even though it was used in BASIC stamps by parallax and 45 other quickvasic systems which are still available, and very cool chips.

Would I be bothered by the verbosity of QBasic now? After searching around a bit, I found the very cool QB64 project alternate site: It is loosely based on GW-BASIC but adds user-defined types, improved programming structures, better graphics and disk support and a compiler in addition to the interpreter. Maybe you could refresh my memory: Anything you can do to reduce the amount of work they must do, and make it easier to maintain the code after it is written, is worth balancing against the extra hardware needed to do it.

WinWorld: QuickBasic

Many of the errors that they are famous for are directly attributable to this fact. There also TrueBasic which is a professionnal tool.

This has allowed systems even as old as an to serve new functions, such as acting as a Web server or using IRC. Learn how your comment data is processed. By people were quicckbasic premade powerful libraries to make 3d game engines etc. Java has always been a toy language.

I used both of them extensively.

These days I mostly program micro controllers because it makes sense for what I need and wiring language is mostly c.

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