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If one of the large rocks does not let a Zoombini through, 'the other one surely will'. You must now strategically place filters in front of them. Deep Dark Forest is set in a deep, dark forest. One of the large rocks will not accept roughly half the Zoombinis for varied reasons; one of the small rocks will not accept roughly half the Zoombinis for varied reasons.

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When you sucessfully complete a group of three puzzles without losing any Zoombinis, the difficulty for that trek become higher. All Zoombinis follow these arrows when they go over them.

Therefore, two Zoombinis zoomninis different feet could attract two Fleens with either hair, eyes, nose or feet different. Put a Zoombini on an arrow to place it in a bubble. If you're good enough, most of the game will be spent on this level. At the easiest level, this can be a struggle, and at the hardest, if you don't know what's going on, there is no way you're going to squeeze all of your Zoombinis through.

From here, try to work out the logical way to get all the other Zoombinis through.

How to: Run *original* Zoombinis on Windows, easy : Zoombini

Zoombinis differ in the following ways: Basically, one attribute chooses what large column the mudball hits; the other two work like the ones in Oh So Hard. Don't have an account? To make a Fleen come out, put a Zoombini in the gap between hedges. Sometimes it is the other way round, and one large rock won't take Zoombinis with one of 2 features, and one small rock disallows Zoombinis with a particular feature.

As far as I know, you have no limit to the number of tries, but it is, nonetheless, a hard activity. If a Zoombini is stranded here, it returns to Zoombini Isle. Want to add to the discussion?

When you have 16 Zoombinis out, click on the green arrow at the bottom-right of the screen. After being put on an incorrect bridge, the Zoombini on the bridge is blown back. Every time you complete a part of the journey without losing ANY Zoombinis for the first time, a building is erected in honour of those Zoombinis. Find a Zoombini that can take the one other route to the first static field and set it aside. You must help Zoombinis into a room at the last minute, but the management at the hotel is unbelievably picky about where Zoombbinis sit.

Alternative to steps 4 and 5, you can use an image mounting software like Daemon Tools Lite to mount the ISO on your modern Windows computer and it will show up in the CD drive on the virtual machine as well.

I recently discovered that Logical Adventure of the Zoombinis zoombknis released on Steam over a year ago and was quite excited to play it again.

Zoombinis Logical Journey FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by greygoalie - GameFAQs

The larger rocks guard each row of caves, the smaller rocks guard the smaller caves. Starting from your seventh Zoombini, you will start losing them to the Fleens, so it is best to finish this in 6 moves or less. If you guess wrongly 6 times, the bridges collapse, stranding the Zoombinis on your left. When a Zoombini goes over it when the field is already occupied, it pushes the Zoombini that is on there, zoo,binis gets stuck on the field itself.

This may be reproduced as long as credit is given to baldie for the information contained below. One of the trolls likes both of these.

If one of the large rocks does not let a Zoombini through, 'the other one surely will'. Keep me logged in on this device.


From here, the Zoombinis are more that two thirds of the way through their journey. You can choose Zoombinis either by pressing some of the buttons on the left to create a custom Zoombini, or clicking on the button with a picture of dice on it, which creates a random Zoombini. Wanting to continue their trek uninterrupted, the Zoombinis need a way of escaping the Fleens. Each toad has a tatoo on its backl.

Being too small to jump across, they must enlist the help of some giant toads.

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