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Techstream lite

Yes, I realize that its not needed coolant supposed to be good for k but its my damn car and I should be able to do it if I want to. I was reading one forum and a user posted that everything is available including programming keys. If I have the software for longer than a year would I have to resubscribe to use the software?

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Yes, I realize that its not needed coolant supposed to be good for k but its my damn car and I should be able to do it if I want to. Is it the same as the TIS subscription?

Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream lite

Sep 18, 2, 65 Location: This is an error report - just ignore that part. To get some flavor of the data that Techstream shows, here's a link to their current known bugs list: Hope something is available at a reasonable [not more than a couple hundred bucks] price by then. Looks like there is also version 4.

Sep 3, 33 0 Location: No, create an account now.

Toyota Scan Tool - Scan Tool Resource

Please refer ltie service information before beginning any reprogramming operation to determine this need and to download the necessary software tool. Techstream Lite is a unique bring your own Tehstream vehicle interface module that utilizes J protocols. Included in the professional subscription is the Toyota service information website, reprogramming access if required and download access and activation of the latest version of Techstream diagnostic software.

Share on LinkedIn Share. So the software has a time limit?

And if needed rely on the pirate community to keep the software going. Not required Video Resolution: If all the software is doing is creating an ID and using a formula to check and see if the entered key is correct it should be easy to decompile the code to see the formula for the key. Maybe if you had a big expensive job to do it would be worth the price. Do you already have an account? Dont know if its cracked or if you have to ask for a key in the forum.


Tech Stream Lite

I think from a consumer standpoint it is still a lot to pay for routine maintenance. Well, it will probably be a year or two before I will need a scan tool. I think we should leave the pirate talk to another forum. I was able to determine that the coil pack was the culprit.

TheForce Ron Paul Cant do anything since I dont have an adapter but it looks like it will work once its "registered". Did not know this was in the pirate world.

Jul 8, 1, 9 Location: Confirm compatibility with tool maker. Programmable Parameters ability to change in service settings ie, tire size, personality, customer convenience etc.

I seen where it wont do the old cars but what cant it do for the Prius? Feb 26, 7, 1, 0 Lige Is this system really geared to the DIY consumer, or small auto repair shops? I did it once on an old piece of software I needed to use.

Yes, my password is:

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