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Benyamin baran begoo nemiri

As an artist, he was known to be quite innovative. Mohsen Chavoshi Hosseini born 30 July is an Iranian musician, singer, record producer and songwriter. Morteza Pashaei was an Iranian musician, composer, and pop singer. He studied graphic design in Islamic Azad University and graduated in

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He is best known for his Yeki Hast track Her lyrics can be heard in songs by pop singers Kamran and Hooman who have turned many of her poems into songs on their debut album He performed at memiri Fajr International Music Festival. About the artist Maryam Heydarzadeh is a contemporary Iranian poet, lyricist, and singer.

Hossein Panahi Dezhkooh was an Iranian actor and poet.

Benyamin Baran Ft Maryam Heydarzadeh - Begoo Nemiri

He writes and sings in Persian, English and French. He is one of the most popular singers in Iran and sometimes he is even compared to Shadmehr Aghili. Ali Lohrasbi is from Tehran and was born on Farvardin 20, Az To Penhoon Mikonam. All the activities of this popular singer are a sign of his hard effort in pop music.

Mohsen Chavoshi Hosseini born 30 July is an Iranian musician, singer, record producer and hemiri. The album started with an upbeat melody in the style of "Bandari" with southern Iranian dialect which caused a small shock to his listeners.

Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood. Pashaei began his professional music career in by publishing his songs on the internet, notably Youtube.

Benyamin Baran - Begoo Nemiri - MP3 | Bia2

He then returned to his hometown as a religious figure, but this lasted only for a few months. Heydarzadeh has a very explicit sense to life and, commonly in her poems, she imagines that she is in another world.

Shahyar is the son of Hamid Ghanbari, an Iranian actor, dubber and singer. Ma Az Hame Tanhataram. He finished his education in Mashhad. Chavoshi began his music career after he finished school and military service.

Begoo Nemiri (Ft Maryam Heydarzadeh)

InChavoshi made his new album Jakat Jacketwhich had many more up-tone, passionate melodies and lyrics. He studied electronics at Karaj University.

He was a waiver student of industrial engineering. Shahyar Ghanbari is an Iranian poet, writer, lyricist, songwriter, and singer of Persian pop music. Mohsen was born in Gonbad-e Qabus and he has two older sisters and a younger brother. He then performed in some TV shows written by himself which were not much successful. Morteza Pashaei was born on 13 August in Aryashahr, Tehran. After being accepted to university he began to learn piano.

He later received recognition from a show named "Two ducks in fog". After 2 years his first album published in the name of.

This was his breakthrough and people requested his shows to be broadcast again. It is the simplicity with which Heydarzadeh writes that has led to her immense popularity amongst Iranians.

Chavoshi produced the majority benyxmin the songs on the album while the professional producer Shahab Akbari produced two and Ahari produced three. He has released nine albums including a soundtrack to film Santouri.

Also he had many concerts that most of theme were in Kish and Tehran. He was interested in music since his childhood and began playing the guitar at the age of fourteen.

The CD later became the biggest legally sold CD within Iran by selling over one million legal non-bootleg copies.

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