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Vissim 5.4

The updated lane closure utility can be downloaded from the following link: That is not lane closure, which close the entire LANE completely. It shows a one-way street with diagonal parking available on both sides. Best wish with you research!

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I'm talking about lorries dropping their daily delivery by stopping in front of their destination in the middle of the traffic flow.

Then I added a separate input to the network with the vehicle group 'illegal parking'. I have been trying to implement this lane closure utility for use in my simulations. Please let me know if you have any advice or comments. But again, thanks for your fast reply!

I think i made an error with my last reply, so this might be posted double, of so, my excuses. For example if I define lane 1 of link to be closed at time seconds, the simulation will stop running at that time. None of the code starts to appear in the bottom black box, and vissim does not start up. That is not lane closure, which close the entire LANE completely. Because i am really interested in closing down lanes in my simulation, and it needs to be time based.

The download package includes a little demo and a quick video tutorial you might need to install tscc CODEC to play the video, though.

Is there a way to customize the evaluation files options and the simulation configurations resolutions and speed while using the tool? Hi Wupin, I have visdim question about the lane configuration order. Base Data for Simulation.

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Gissim Ziwei — you just need to set up the output setting data collection, travel time etc. For realistic display of signal heads PTV Vissim offers a wide selection of 3D signal displays for various applications. Yes your approach is the right one, to model this type of "double parking" behavior i. Basically the logic is simple. On the License menu, the box beside the COM interface is checked.

PTV Vissim

On this road we have a lot of 'illegal parking activity'. Vissi, you came across a situation in network coding where you wanted to add a new network object with the same values as an 54. defined one e. I will really appreciate you help. Lane closure is a must in some situation, for example, contra-flow during an emergency evacuation. You will see the following. And it's very nice of you to share this one.

INI configuration file contains screen locations outside the current window scope. Hi Wunping, Thanks for taking time to update this utility tool.

Lane Closure Utility for VISSIM 5.40 (32bit and 64bit)

However, anytime i define a lane close event, the simulation stops at the exact time I defined for the lane to be closed. I created parking lots the size of a single car lorry on the traffic lanes, in front of the stores we mapped out in the area.

I have tested this against lane closure the problem is i cant make it time dependant, hence your utility and have noticed that lane closure gives more realistic simulations compared to routing decisions and singals. Simply drag the desired object with the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key and place it at the position where it should be added. I can send you the source code of the program so you can use it as a starting point.

With regards, Gyasi Johnson. Best wish with you research!

Maybe if i explain my problem you know of another way i could receive the same results. Cissim have a question about the lane configuration order. Selected pages Title Page.

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