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Adobe caslon italic swash

William Caslon, Master of Letters. In the United States, Caslons became almost a genre, modified expanded with new styles such as bold, condensed, inline or with modifications such as shortened descenders to fit American common line, or lining figures. The Art of Matthew Carter.

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This creation by P22 is based on the pages produced by Benjamin Franklin circa Jones until the s.

The History of a Typefounding Classification". Itzlic took over the company and instructed his sons to change their surnames to Caslon in order to provide an appearance of continuity.

A notable feature of Caslon's structure is its widely splayed T, which can space awkwardly with an 'h' afterwards. Retrieved 21 September Many foundries cut or, in many cases, pirated their own versions.

Adobe Caslon Swash Italic

The weight is heavier than many earlier revivals, to compensate for changes in printing processes, and the italic is less slanted with variation in stroke angle than on many other Caslon releases. Retrieved 10 June These could be used for purposes such as title pages, emphasis and drop caps.

According to book designer Hugh Williamsona second decline in Caslon's popularity in Britain did, however, set in during the twentieth century due to the arrival of revivals of other old-style and transitional designs from Monotype and Linotype.

Bulletin of the Printing Historical Society Matthew Carter and the Interpretation of Historical Models". Linotype's has been digitised and released by Bitstream.

Caslon's typefaces were popular in his lifetime and beyond, and after a brief period of eclipse in the early nineteenth century returned to popularity, particularly for setting printed body text and books. Some Caslon faces were augmented by adding new features, in particular swash capitals awash historicist printing. Oak Knoll Press [u.

Adobe Caslon Italic Swash Font -

Inthe H. In Stephenson, Blake had recast this Caslon look-alike from original matrices and began to sell it under the name of Georgian Old Face. Journal of the Printing Historical Society: Caslon worked as an engraver of punchesthe masters used to stamp the moulds or matrices used to cast metal type.

Caslon left them in Learn more about language support.


The Caslon foundry itself covertly cut new addobe capitals and replaced some sizes with new, cleaner versions. You may encounter slight variations in the name of this font, depending on where you use it.

A more regular adaptation of Caslon by the British branch of Monotype was commissioned by the London publishers of The Imprinta short-lived printing trade periodical that published during There are many typefaces called "Caslon" as a result of that and the lack of an enforceable trademark on the name "Caslon" by itself, which reproduce the original designs in varying degrees of faithfulness.

A number of Caslon revivals are 'distressed' in style, adding intentional irregularities to capture the worn, jagged feel of metal type.

Tialic series of modifications has given most modern Bookman digitisations a somewhat exaggerated appearance with extremely high x-height very unlike the original Caslon. Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 20 April Retrieved 20 August Caslon was the release of the "original" Caslon type sold by American Type Founders.

Adobe Caslon Italic Swash

Caslon began his career in London as an apprentice engraver of ornamental designs on firearms and other metalwork. The Printer's Grammar edition. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Long Primer No 1".

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