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Fairport convention babbacombe lee

The group's only concept album similar in some ways to the Pretty Things ' S. After the three failed attempts to hang John Lee the queen commutes his sentence to penal servitude for life which in Victorian England meant twenty years. Lee's story, from his boyhood poverty to his time in the Royal Navy, his being invalided out and forced to work in the service of Miss Keyes, to her murder and his sentence of death, and the failure of the gallows three times, is told in song, and all but one of those songs are originals. Surprisingly perhaps, this is Fairport Convention's only concept album. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

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Mainly Norfolk: English Folk and Other Good Music

The all-male Fairport seldom sang better, nor did the post- Thompson band ever play with more panache, and some babbacomge the songs are beautiful -- but a few are lugubrious, and as with most other concept albums, the fit between the songs and the larger subject ultimately isn't entirely comfortable for the listener.

Babbacombe Lee Live Again Ais Babbacombe Lee - Sunrise Label Island. This offers a good excuse for including the only non-band composition on the album in the form of the shanty "Sailor's alphabet". The lyrics are better too. One of the best Fairport Convention albums I have listened to so far and very recommendable.

Retrieved from " https: Three times they tried to hang John Leebut failed. When originally released, the album consisted of only two tracks, one on each side of the LP and was devoid of track titles.

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The remastered CD version however, breaks things up into their natural sections, and gives them titles for the first time. In early 70s Dave Babbacokbe found co Sound TechniquesLondon. The Man They Couldn't Hang. I Was Sixteen Part 2 1: It is a true story.

The strange thing is that between those three attempts the release mechanism did work.

The events of his life are described in song, from his boyhood through his conviction for murder, sentence of death, and the failure to carry out the sentence. Clearly the album's highlight. Recording Location Sound Techniques Ltd.

Reluctantly and unhappily he turned to a number of menial occupations and finally returned to the services of Miss Keyes. Dave Swarbrick has explained that he conceived the album after discovering a file of old newspaper clippings in a junk shop; this file contained John Lee's own copies of the newspaper articles and was bound by him, signed and dated 30 January The tides of fate wash him to the condemned cell where he waits three sad weeks for his last night on earth.

The album then describes how Lee went to work in the convwntion of a Miss Keyes. Convsntion and unhappily he turned to a number of menial occupations and finally returned to the services of Miss Keyes. It is not just the fact that Babbacombe Lee is a concept album, or rock opera, and that Bagbacombe happen to like conceptual albums.

The concept is about a character John "Babbacombe" Lee's tribulations from the navy to jail and concention accused of murder of lovers, condemned to death penalty, escape etc.

"Babbacombe" Lee - Fairport Convention | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Unfortunately, the BBC themselves did not have a version of the programme with these songs intact, so the versions included here are of a poor recording quality. The melodies are strong. Lee protested his innocence, but was sentenced to be killed by hanging.

Side 1 Side 2 [] John's reflection on his boyhood, his introduction to Miss Keyes and The Glen, his restlessness, and his struggles with his family, finally successful, to join the navy. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Introspection Late Night Partying.

"Babbacombe" Lee

Given the subject matter, the album is surprisingly upbeat, with the usual folk influences well to the fore. Musically, we are dealing with usual Fairport sound that remains somewhat constant that even the continuous personnel changes cannot change.

The production is also much more powerful than on the two last albums from the band which is a great treat and something I really enjoy.

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