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Elsewhere by gabrielle zevin

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Soon afterwards, she and the other passengers arrive in what is known as "Elsewhere", a place where you go after death. First read in March Reread in July Just as magical, if not more so, as the first time I read it.

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Where the dead shop

Beautifully written and an ingenous look at the after life, Zevin manages to address the subject at hand in a serious manner without getting too heavy or melodramatic, but also not getting too light and fluffy. More By and About This Author. What happens in Elsewhere is this: I thought the characters weren't developed enough and felt very flat to me. She meets a girl who had been shot in the head and a famous musician ezvin had died of a drug overdose.

To ask other readers questions about Elsewhereplease sign up. I often have disputes with my family and friends, but elsewheee reading this book, I try my best to appreciate them no matter what because I understand how hard it can be to lose people you are close to. Ultimately the story is just extremely juvenile. How could Owen's marriage have been so happy if after only two weeks of being reunited with his wife he didn't want her anymore? Mainly the supporting characters, especially the animals and Lizzy's grandmother, Betty.

Will always be on of my faves.

I thought the zebin dragged a bit, but I was so enamored of its initial cleverness that I was eager to forgive. People there revert in years what in the world did I just read?!?!?!? There are dogs in Elsewhere, too, and Liz just happens to be a natural speaker of Canine.

Zevin is a teenager herself who never took a writing class OR she never met an actual teenager in the flesh. A time where, whoever has just died is trying to figure out what happened to them and trying to come to terms with their death.

I flew through this book no problem.


I liked the characters, the world building just ignore the bits that obviously do not work and the story. Many people on Earth spend their whole lives dead. I think the purpose of that is to make the story more relatable to kids. Of course, dying at 15 Lizzy missed everything, like turning You are commenting using your WordPress. I was very happy that I read this book which is aimed at a Young Adult audience but is totally readable by any age.

You know what sucks? Byy Heaven or Hell.

This book gets bonus points for creativity and originality. Also available in audiobook from Listening Library. Paw Prints Availability: May 04, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: At nearly sixteen she knows she will never get married, never have children, and perhaps never fall in love.

Elsewhere (Zevin novel) - Wikipedia

No, it is not hell. She once again befriends Thandi, a young girl killed on Earth by a stray bullet, who was her bunkmate on the SS Nile. So, if I forget that I read this, please don't remind me There's the kingdom of Hades, there are clouds and angels, there are circles of Hell to punish sinners - and in this unusual story, there's an approximation of a small American town.

My Head feels like it's about to explode

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