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Points can have various properties as we will see shortly. Adds menus to the PS preview window can use the PS window for marking shadow, neutral and highlight points Menus and Options added to the PS preview window Color Modes Curvemeister support four color modes without changing the real color mode of the image: Pro Printer Profiling for an affordable price:

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Curvemeister 2 is Curves on Steroids - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light

curvemeisger You can see some of the images from my last trip in DPS Curvemeister enables me to fairly quickly add a LAB curves layer to my existing images, preserving much of the rest of my work, and then quickly proceed to the final resizing, sharpening, and printing with ImagePrint. So look for it on nikondigital.

As a quick and easy way to adjust curves without even realizing you are doing so, this can work wonders. We'll have dates and pricing by March, but if you're interested please let us know at safaris cardinalphoto.

Finally, it is chock ful of other settings such as history that allow cruvemeister to take Curves way beyond what is possible with Photoshop. Other than that, I would highly recommend Curvemeister.

After the Wizard ends, you can click on "Finish" to apply the changes to the image and return to Photoshop, or click on "Close" to continue tweaking things in Curvemeister by hand.

But it goes a step further by letting you paste a copied curve as text into Notepad or text editor.

DPS 4-5: Supercharging Photoshop with LAB & Curvemeister + Hot New Product Announcements

Either way, you can then create a new Curves Adjustment Layer and Load your saved Curvemeister curve into it via its context menu. I think of the top This Layer of BlendIF as a line of bricks that will fall down on to the layer beneath unless you move the sliders inwards to stop them - the bottom underlying layer as a row of eggs which will get smashed unless you protect them by moving their sliders inwards.

One could try creating a Maskbut it is much quicker and simpler using the BlendIF feature for both channel changes. Similarly the L Curve only affects the tone of the image without altering the color content. Instead of numbers, the Hue Clock has the letters r, y, g, c, b and m for red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta around its circumference. Sample Windows and the Hue Clock When you create a new sample point, Curvemeister will open a small window over the image at that point.

Alaska Grizzly bear trips, JulyLast Chance: That can set the bar quite high for how compelling it needs to be. You can also load and save curves from Curvemeister as standard Photoshop.

As mentioned, this window can contain a wealth of information as determined by the right-click context menu for each sample. Here is the original image - moderately dull colours, but with a full tonal range.

The clock hand will point to the color hue at that point, and the length of the hand is the saturation. So the final image looks like this If you try to pull a curve downward to create a negative slope, it will stop at the horizontal, stopping you from dragging it any further down. The program is not always consistent in what it calls each of these and sometimes refers to Points as "pinned points" and Samples as "sample points.

Black Levels We use most of the time "light" or "Medium" black. ACV file means you can do almost the same thing. Now we have a lovely sky, but the rest of the image is not exactly what we want!

Workflow Technique # @Digital Outback Photo

Neutral points work to equalize the color in each channel so the image at that point appears neutral. ACV file and exit back to Photoshop without actually applying the curve. Thailand, Burma and Cambodia, January One of the very few things Curvemeister can't do is work its magic on an Curvemdister Layer.

You can move them up or down to brighten or darken the image, but they will remain locked together so the color doesn't shift. We'll spend some time in Bangkok, but most of the trip will be divided between the temple areas in Cambodia especially the Angkor temple complex including Angkor Wat and Burma including historic Mandalay and the plain of temples at Bagan.

Rather than panicking though, simply hold down the Alt key and drag. The exact values for each point on each channel will be listed. And cugvemeister works the same in Photoshop Elements as it does in the full version of Photoshop.

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