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Second life lumiya

Inara points out it has Daydream VR Sharie March 25, Go To Question Listing Viewers.

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Today it seems the creator's account has been banned, though it seems Lumiya has started working again for now. It is a bit of a PITA, but it works well and is free. I imagine that it's the other way around. If you scroll to the header of this page just click on the Donate lumuya.

Chakat Northspring March 30, Register a new account. Her last article was Dec If it is a free trial then why do we have to enter any info? Other map features do not lumiy show in this view.

Second Life on the go: Lumiya on Windows?!

Starting today when I tried logging in through Liff I get "Secondlife Cannot be accessed from this computer" and I'm not the only one. Faith Giha March 27, Cancel reply Enter your comment ssecond The problem is the SL servers can not reach into your computer and see which viewer you are running.

Sharie, Have you ever considered offering to help fund FS? Unfortunately, for this article, I did not have access to an Android tablet, which might have brought on another dimension to the interaction. By giving them your payment info before even starting trial… well, THIS data is pretty hard to duplicate name, second name, card number etc.

By using Remote I have my main computer rendering SL, not the phone. No refunds will be available lumiyz any game purchases, hardware purchases, or subscriptions. Cmon firestorm the mobile market is in!!

Nothing the Firestorm people can do to stop them nor the Lab to detect the bad viewers. Posted February 16, Juggling IM screens was also a challenge and typing on the smartphone touch screen made my forefinger tired quite quickly. I love the way people so avidly support the idea of a bunch of other people doing a lot of tedious work for their benefit for free. The mobile client Lumiya for Android is no longer on the supported 3rd party viewer list http: There are some viewers that are perfectly safe to use but not on the list, simply because their designers have decided not to self-certify.

Lumiya mobile client no longer on 3rd party viewer list? - Viewers - SecondLife Community

The chat can be done in a separate screen, or it can be overlaid as a semitransparent view seconr the 3-D view of your surroundings. Nick March 24, Sorry, stupid phones are not supported. The reason why I suspect this is two-fold: Published by Inara Pey. Meadow Skye March 24, Posted March 28, So, you're still reading too much into the process. Eclectic virtual world blogger with a focus on Second Life, VR, virtual environments and secondd.

Lumiya costs a couple of dollars.

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