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Gena showalter the darkest craving

The chase is on. He was just the shmo always getting hit with a lamp or something. Again, to each their own.

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Aug 05, Brianna Ryan rated it liked it. These fae were just zzzzz Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction.

This series has gone from deliciously sexy to hardly tepid. Kane, Kane, Kane aka Candy Kane To ask other readers questions about The Darkest Cravingplease sign up.

The Darkest Craving – Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter | Everything Paranormal Romance

Menu Skip to content. But ther I feel bad saying this, but I'm darkset For new GS readers, you will definitely enjoy this book since you have normal "realistic" expectations. I hope his book is better. He was solemn, serious, and soooo dull.

The Darkest Craving

Jul 22, Deborah Obida rated it it was ok Shelves: Even with what happened at the end, you could see that coming. To me, it felt like Gena was trying to say her previous works are weak in comparison to 'the Most High' and Angels of the Dark who are popping up more in the book. William's scenes and his sarcastic humor kept it from being a total bust. Josephine's carving the King of the Faes and Petra the Phoenix wants her.

Reviews by Author

They didn't have any kind of significant sex until, big surprise, they were married. Synda gets into a lot of trouble so Josephina gets punished a lot. The only ones determined to find the damned thing were the rest of the Lords. You're ruining a previously awesome series.

And there seems to be two kinds of readers He deserves a good lot of some-some after having roofs continually crash on his head. Cravihg I read the description for this book a few months ago I was really confused. Jul 31, pennapely rated it did not like it Shelves: Feb 08, Anna Bananas!

We get to see Cameo and Lazarus' dakrest meeting, William being his cocky self and the four horsemen of apocalypse. I like Josephina from the get go. Oh William, you make everything better. So Candy Kane and Tinker Bell, how were they you might ask?

Imagine her surprise when Kane finally heals and refuses the deal they made. Just as everyone else has said, these books have changed, and not for the better. Jul 27, Leila rated it liked it.

The Darkest Craving - Jackson District Library - OverDrive

I feel like Showalter could have done something much different. Kane has cravnig been one of my favorite warriors, and I just couldn't get into the story. If he remains in the same condition, namely paired with Disaster, they will have no future either, as Disaster hates and wants to destroy Tink.

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