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The wide lens ron adner

Feb 03, Jan Nelson rated it really liked it. I had a beautiful opportunity to explore some of the book's ideas informally in a focus group for a proposed software reuse tool at work. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Despite having a brilliant idea based on true customer insight and needs implemented with flawless execution, many innovations simply fail to meet the expectations set of them by their creators and by the market for which they were created.

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Value blueprints, leadership prism, first-mover matrix…etc. Your company and its products, innovations and decisions, are part of an ecosystem.

It is a question that baffles the best of us and keeps hhe a corporate executive awake at night. One of the best books on Innovation that I have read. Anyone involved in moving a product from conception to adoption will not want to let this book pass them by.

Add both to Cart Add both to List. Adner's tools guide you to ask the right questions to protect you from making mistakes that condemn so many innovations to failure.

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No--and this is where Adner's book really shines. It challenges executives to rethink their innovation assumptions and channel the excitement over a new product concept into critical evaluation of every potential partner and stakeholder. Could have been better as a well written article.

I applaud Adner for recognizing that there's no recipe for success these days. In his thought provoking book, Adner explains how most innovation initiatives focus solely on managing the "execution" risk i.

Pages with related products. Please try again later. The Wide Lens is essential reading about a new way of doing business.

Clear writing with well-told and interesting stories on blind spots and the importance of understanding business eco-systems. Mar 01, Pages. The book provided good reminders of the importance of taking greater perspectives and considering a project from wider angles. He zooms out to see more clearly how—and why—some innovations take hold, and others do not.

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Adner, a professor at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, explains how to map adnet among all constituents who touch your brilliant idea and evaluate their ability and willingness to deliver. It leans a bit heavy on Apple and the success it has had but there are lots of good stories about where companies had superior products that just weren't right for the market at the time.

The Wide Lens as a term has a lot of meaning for me now.

Had Adner's book been published a lsns ago, I certainly would have quoted it. The Michelin story above illustrated an innovation's failure due to non adoption by a critical player in the ecosystem. It also demonstrates the remarkable network effects of the value chain companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Nike and many others who leverage one capability on top of another to deliver superlative services and ldns at high margins.

The Curse of Bigness.

The Wide Lens

To this end, the book reminded me of The Halo Effect. Story-based so very readable. Adner sheds further light on this matter by presenting a framework that one can use to tbe whether they should even try to orn the "first mover". He builds on his methodology through the chapters and I particularly like his clear writing since the book is being used by students for whom English is a second language. And we are observing a similar dynamic with 3D TVs today.

The Wide Lens by Ron Adner | Books

The author obviously knows how to teach concepts for those who want theory to lead to tangible action. About The Wide Lens How can great companies do everything right — identify real customer needs, deliver excellent innovations, beat their competitors to market — and still fail?

It really emphasizes the importance of Innovation ecosystem.

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