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A chest x-ray was unremarkable. Low urine osmolality is not a consistent finding and urine osmolality may be inappropriately high, although the urine sodium is usually low when reported. The pathophysiology involves impaired free water clearance due to a low solute load.

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We report a case of severe hyponatremia that occurred in a patient who, owing to his underlying colon cancer, was potomaniz beer and ingesting little other food. Pontine and extrapontine myelinolysis: Eat These 3 Things Instead.

Beer Potomania—An Unusual Cause of Hyponatremia

There are many misconceptions about what panic attacks look and feel like. As free-water clearance in a person with normal diluting capacity is dependent on osmole excretion, a decrease in daily dietary osmole intake can have a vast decrease in the excretory capacity of the kidney. In medicine, beer potomania refers to a condition in which the level of sodium in your bloodstream drops too low due to excessive beer consumption. While the symptoms of potomania are similar to other causes of hyponatremia and acute water intoxicationit should be considered an independent clinical entity because of its often chronic nature of onset, pathophysiology, and presentation of symptoms.

Not to be confused with Dipsomania. His pupils were equal, round and reactive to light. Ann Emerg Med ; As with all cases of hyponatremia, extreme caution must be taken to avoid the fatal consequences of rapidly correcting electrolytes e. Your doctor may have advice about reducing your risk of complications. J Am Soc Nephrol. It was accompanied with dizziness, but no loss of consciousness or trauma. Pontine and extrapontine myelinolysis: Potomaniaalso known as beer potomaniabeer drinker's potomania, beer drinker's hyponatremiaand frat boy syndrome is a specific hypo-osmolality syndrome related to massive consumption of beerwhich is poor in solutes and electrolytes.

Beer Potomania—An Unusual Cause of Hyponatremia

A chest x-ray was also done and it showed no signs of pulmonary edema or mediastinal mass. Urinary concentration and dilution in the aging kidney. Muhammad Uzair Lodhi moc. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

However, the intake potomanla solutes is also necessary to excrete free water. Dilutional hyponatraemia occurs due to excessive consumption of an exclusive beer diet which is poor in salt and protein.

Potomania: Definition, Symptoms, Complications, and Treatment

He had no tremors. He has potommania year history of smoking one pack a day. A year-old male presented to the emergency room with weakness and lack of appetite. How to Sober Up If you've had too much to drink, you may be wondering how to sober up quickly.

However, when someone stops eating, the levels of sodium in their blood can drop — especially when combined with excessive intake of fluids low in sodium. Published online Dec Please review our privacy policy.

He appeared dishevelled, and did not appear dehydrated. In this case study, we tried to highlight the importance of the early detection of beer potomania in an alcoholic patient, presenting with severe hyponatremia in the emergency department.

Even trying to cut back on the sweet stuff…. On the basis of the underlying pathophysiology of beer potomania, Sanghvi et al 6 provided clinical recommendations for the management of these patients see Sidebar: What are the symptoms?

His Glasgow score was The potomani of inadequate solute in the kidney eventually causes dilutional hyponatremia secondary to reduced clearance of excess fluid from the body. Hyponatremia is a common electrolyte abnormality in hospitalized patients with a history of chronic alcoholism.

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