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Leoni torres salseando

Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor Giras: Forgot Password Resend Activation Email. You can read our review here.

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Click here for more info. Home of Cuban Music on the Web! Features a veritable who's who of famous artists from Spain.

Mastering and mixing services specializing in big band tropical and urban music. You can read our review here. This is part Latin Jazz, part dance music, so I'm not quite sure how to label it, but it deserves a listen, and it has been getting air time in a few cities now. Salsdando Pick Vuelven Los Amaya!

Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor Giras: The source for artist profiles, tour dates, new releases, concert reviews, instructional and reference material Timbapedia.

Aisar y El Expresso de Cuba Next. Forgot Password Resend Activation Email.

Leoni Torres / Salseando Mp3 download

Since these recordings don't have the same marketing and publicity support as major-label projects made in the United States or Europe, the article salsenado follows may be helpful as a tool for learning more about these excellent but not always well-known recordings. The big names and the major labels can take care of themselves, so this is going to salsexndo on some independent releases that deserve special recognition: Of course, those of you who are not Academy members should listen to these as well: It salseeando likely that this list does not include all of the projects by Cuban artists that will be submitted for consideration in the Latin GRAMMYs, but it probably does represent the best of this year's output.

Not yet reviewed here. Omar is Cuban but now lives in Spain.

New Stuff [hide] Giras: Eggun by Omar Sosa Ota Records. There are several different genres in the recording, and you can read our review here. MP3 albums, videos, eBooks and digital sheet music. This won the Cubadisco award sslseando Traditional Popular Music and features a number of prominent singers from the United States and other countries as guest artists.

More by Leoni Torres

Tour Archive Giras: Authentic commercially released masters available for licensing. We hope that as many Academy members as possible will try to listen to these recordings, not just because they are from Cuba, but also because they are excellent.

Post your ad here. Noro y 1ra Clase Giras: Here are some of the best recordings from artists based in Cuba that were released during the current eligibility cycle and are likely to find their way into the consideration process in the United States.

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