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Jack savoretti dreamers

There was an error. A world which discourages people to dream because other people will not take you serious. Login with Facebook Error:

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Whatever happened to the dreamers They always look beyond the sky Where are the dreamers now? Login with Facebook Error: A world which discourages people to dream because other people will not take you serious.

Jack Savoretti - Dreamers

Making the world around us Making heaven and hell Saying so much about us Still they had so much to tell People with new ideas shape the world, they make "tomorrow". They where the ones who looked beyond boundries.

Flag beachbum1 on August 27, As for politicians they were more for more making hell than heaven. I think this is a song jaci a message for a better world, savorerti he sings himself, a world to believe in. We do not have any tags for Dreamers lyrics. Where are they when the world doesn't want them anymore. The dreamers that imagine new ideas would not always be accepted by the conservative people saying so mucht about us but they aren't giving it up still the had so mucht to tell. The world just wants realistic people and people who sees things different aren't always welcome or allowed.

Starting a revolution Without even knowing it Dreamers who thought with other ideas, thought for a better world and by spreading this they could change the world. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

But that's just my thought. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

Add your thoughts 3 Comments. Musicians in the 60's really come to mind for me.

DREAMERS UKULELE by Jack Savoretti @

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Not just Government officials but great thinkers such as Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nostradamus and so on and how their methods revolutionised our society and the way we think.

My Opinion I do think GirlinTheCafe is right and the song is about how dreamers are not taken serious these days and people dont accept dreamers anymore.

Please forgive my English, I come from The Netherlands.

There were the politcians Men of the cloth, painters and poets Dreamers are everywhere, in every position. Lyrics submitted by nobodyknows. Nothing's ever been this way before A dream is just a dream and nothing more But maybe is a dream not capable for changing the world, or jakc a dream not accepted by the majority of the people.

There was an error. I love this song so so so much. Why jcak add your own? I don't really know what it means but I think it's about how 'dreamers' are not taken serious by the world today. They really started questioning the system around the time of the Vietnam War. That we are in a world that's too cold and realistic, too down to earth. Artists now are mostly mainstream as are most people in society. Saw a world they could believe in But only when they close their eyes Sqvoretti saw a world different from now, with new ideas and maybe a better future.

A world where dreamers are allowed User dreamrrs not exist.

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