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S1 records were directly translated to nonpaged CPU memory. Wed Apr 03, 9: It should be free I shall. It may have been "logical" to someone, but it seems to produce some pretty counter-intuitive results.

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The program is growing and I need extra space in Flash.

You write below that eeprom S record looks like this: I have used other laptop drives in this machine and they seem to work fine, I am wondering if I am dealing with some "Special IBM magic".

Edward, you are an excellent resource.

Wed Apr 03, 9: If I strip out the S1 records for S Also check Make Paged Functions Default. Steve In I am trying to upgrade the drive size in a laptop, so attempting to ghost the old drive to a new one in a PC using the mini IDE- IDE converters and am having no luck.

It isn't exactly linear, there are big holes in it and some flash locations appear at two different addresses. It may have been "logical" to someone, but it seems to produce some pretty counter-intuitive results.

This addressing is called "physical" and that is what you are reporting.

I have the drives jumpered properly well at least I think I do. Create free account Forgot password? I get the ide error thingy when I boot up with them in the PC.

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Which controller is each drive connected to? Are there any other IDE drives connected the the system when you add the laptop drives? Dec 8, Posts: He did a lot of work in that monitor.

S1 records were directly translated to nonpaged CPU memory.

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As the converter channels power to the drive. Tue Apr 02, 7: Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password?

As I traced through the TwinPeeks source code listing, I saw that it just ignored the first byte of the address, i. What's "the ide error thingy" you mentioned?

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Tue Apr 02, 1: This explanation doesn't directly help with this problem, but it gives you some background and words to describe the addressing. Originally posted by K0DE: Eventually the compilers and flash programming methods went to the combination of the page register s values with the bit address used by normal HC12 instructions.

I second the idea to place each drive on it's own channel. There are no other devices on the bus, in fact I havent gotten either drive recognized, even one at a time. It should be free I shall. But when it does that, the pages get scrambled: The company I do work for has a CyclonePro, but I do not.

You do have the power connected right? I couldn't find the 3D code anywhere.

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