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Hypothetically lyfe jennings

Hypothetically, of course Are there some wars not worth fightin'? Lyfe Jennings - Hypothetically lyrics] 2,, views. Or are you afraid that one day it might find us? That was the first time in a while I really, I really smiled Writer s: Lyfe Jennings K Shazams.

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During this time, Lyfe began to get into legal trouble and his musical career came to a halt when he was sent to prison at then age of Now, what if I confessed hypotheticallyy and it turns out not to be your baby After you get tested and destroys what we've been blessed with? Lyfe sold about 1, copies of his four-song demo CD during his Apollo "residency.

Or is it just too big a secret to keep it on the low, oh yeah? Retrieved from " https: What if I told you I lied but didn't mean it? And made a vow to never mess with another Is it cool for me to smother the facts?

Lyfe Jennings - Hypothetically Video 26, views. What if I suppress it? This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat He was booed as he walked onto the iennings, but when the Apollo audience heard his gritty falsetto and lyrical songwriting, they were swayed to the tune of five amateur-night victories in a row.

When asked about his current musical mindset, Lyfe Jennings response is one of reflection and experience, "Everybody feels like they have to reinvent themselves. And I just can't say for sure if the baby's yours? Columbia Records provided him jebnings a contract and released his debut, Lyfe in August If you'd never know Or would me not bein' honest hurt you more? Subsequently, Lyfe accepted a new deal with Warner Bros.

Hypothetically, hypothetically, of course Hypothetically, hypothetically, of course Hypothetically, hypothetically Yeah, needless to say I mean neither one of us went further, especially me So, I, this is were the places where I went and I got mushed up And I left and you know what?

Lyfe Change released in Aprilfeaturing a handful of new production associates as well as a verse from T.

‚ÄéHypothetically (feat. Fantasia) - Single by Lyfe Jennings on Apple Music

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony Bun B. Hypothetically, of course Are there some wars not worth fightin'? Lyfe Ft Erin - Hypothetically 1, views.

What would you want me to do? Tree of Lyfe, recorded primarily in his home studio, followed in June He plays the guitar, bassand piano which he integrates into his music. What if my one mistake had the potential to break Up our happy home, would you wanna know? On Top Jenninhs Me. In the beginning of the 90s, however, the band disbanded.

If You Lovin' Me.

After a month post release, he performed at the Apollo. Then Lyfe appeared on Showtime at the Apollo. Hypothetically Lyfe Jennings Feat. Would you wanna leave the past behind us?


What if I broke our monogamous agreement? Lyfe released an more hip-hop-oriented follow-up The Phoenix arrived in Augustwith Three 6 Mafia and Young Buck making guest appearances. Is it cool for me to cover my tracks? That was the first time in a while I really, I really smiled.

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