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Yagavarayinum naa kaakka english subtitles

Look, you shouldn't talk to me from tomorrow. Hey Keerthi, isn't she beautiful? Why are you simply sitting? He is not married.

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O my enchanting cuckoo! I can see the footprints of Goddess Nothing will come in this chill weather! My name is Pooja.

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Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka How many times l've to tell you? Madam, we rarely come to a foreign city, shouldn't we take a tour of the place?

Else, he may beat me to death. Grandpa, won't you talk to me? Above all, my friend Seenu Mesmerised me with just a Iook Are you sure l can get man like you? Who called you here? How do l know all this? Don't nnaa me with questions. I don't want your Iove, come to seek soIace in me, my Iove!

Shall we go to a hospital? We both are unemployed, is it okay?

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Attending interview again, Vasu? Hey, somebody accompany us.

He's dejected and crying after you rejected him. Come on touch me. Aroma of this soil She's getting married in near future, what am l to do now? Due to software agreement tourism and trade developed You Ieft me in pieces and shambIes Once his men have rounded up Saga and his friends, Mudaliar orders Guna and their men to kill them.

There are 4 books. Leave me, l'll kill him Anyhow, you will be busy here. Tie the auspicious thread. And then, she goes missing. Hey, how dare you talk like this?!

She will realise it soon.

Priya HimeshKrishna Iyer.

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