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Cswip 3.1 book

A planar defect is: Which of the following welding processes does not use a consumable electrode? A typical minimum preheat temperature for an MMA weld made on steel with a carbon content of 0. Which of the following sentences applies to the use of basic MMA electrodes?

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One of the advantages of a multi-pass MMA weld is that it generally produces a: In BS an electrode classified as E The HAZ associated with a fusion weld on steel has up to how many separate regions of micro structure?

In a bend test, the face of the specimen is in tension and root is in compression, the type of test being carried out would be: Which electrode classification would be relevant to AWS A5. The deviation of the arc during arc welding due to external magnetic influences is known as: The main causes of porosity in welded joints are: Which is often the hardest part of a multi run weld made using MMA? On which of the following would you not use MPI inspection?

The reason for this is to prevent: In accordance with BS what is the weld junction? This is most likely caused by: What is the UTS of a material?

Welding a steel plate of a CE of 0. Remember me on this computer.

Which would you choose for safe working? In X-ray the quality of radiographic negative is assessed by the: Which material is the most susceptible to reheat cracking?

Which of the following is not a type of crack? The TIG welding process utilizes an electrode that is: Which of the following defects is unlikely to be found by visual inspection?

A 12 pass weld made on the same joint using 4mm electrodes on the same material will: When ac only is required for welding, the power supply unit is almost always: What would you investigate: An IQI would be used in radiography to assess: A welder qualification test is to verify: Re-crystallization during annealing is used to make steel: The cssip of SAW flux is more resistant to moisture absorption: The use of cobalt as an isotope would generally be used on: The prime purpose of the black light for fluorescent penetrant inspection: Which welding process is considered to be the most versatile?

What is a possible result if the amperage is too low during the welding of a root bead using an arc welding process with a consumable electrode? A code of practice for visual inspection should cover the following: If the amperage is too low during the blok of a root bead, the possible result would be: How many temperature indicating crayons would be required to ensure the preheat temperature was lying within a specified range?

When open site working, serious porosity in metal arc welds is brought to your attention.

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