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Slf4j log4j12 1.5.6 jar

This issue was reported in by Mikhail Mazursky who also provided the relevant patch. When slf4j bridges, e. Given the significance of these performance improvements, users are highly encouraged to migrate to SLF4J version 1. Cannot delete slf4j dependencies Ask Question.

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This fixes bug reported by Ekkehard Gentz.

Only the adapter elf4j are now shipped with each specific binding jar as appropriate for the underlying logging system. Instead, the release method will issue a warning.

Added the SimpleLayout and FileAppender classes to the log4j-over-slf4j module. Fixed bug 73 reported by Oleg Smirsky.

Moreover, these changes have no incidence on the published interface of SLF4J. In response to a request by Greg Wilkins, this release adds the jar file slf4j-jcl. May 4th, - SLF4J version 1.


Parameter substitution code has been simplified. Added a new module called slf4j-ext for slf4j-extensions. The dependency should have been declared in the test scope. Fixed bug 41 reported by Sebastian Davids. Clarified the behavior of the various methods methods in the MDC class with respect to "null" parameters. At initialization time, LoggerFactory will now check that the version of the slf4j-binding matches that of slf4j-api.

Index of plugins-release/org/slf4j/sreyleak.info4j/

Fixed NullPointerException thrown by org. The slf4j-log4j binding is quite similar in structure to the JDK 1. When running under Android, skip binding ambiguity check during initialization for better performance.

Numerous small code improvements too minor to be listed here. The SLF4J distribution now includes two distinct bindings slf4j-log4j This fixes bug reported by Anthony Whitford. SimpleLogger now supports writing to a file. The property names for configuring SimpleLogger have been modified to be consistently in camel case. In subsequent releases this class well be removed without replacement. This was requested in bug 58 by Sebastian Davids. Basically, your exclusion code.

This module is maintained by Matt Bishop and Libor Jelinek. For example, the call to MessageFormatter. Problem reported by Seth Call. Previous to this release, code compiled with log4j would not run correctly with nlog4j.

The log4j-over-slf4j module now exports all its packages in its manifest. All java files have been reformatted to with the code formatter style defined in codeStyle. Added a default instance to SimpleLoggerFactory to serve as a last resort fallback mechanism. MF files in other modules were missing the mirroring import statements. Category class, as implemented in the log4j-over-slf4j module, calls to the printing trace are now correctly mapped to SLF4J's trace printing method instead of debug.

Uar the assertLog boolean, String method in the Category class, in module log4j-over-slf4j. It is totally backward compatible with SLF4J version 1. Marker objects are now Serializable.

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