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Lal kitab amrit software gd vashist

Hi I placed order for the forcast from Yes ican Change and asked for specific questions. I called their support number but they did not help. Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd. Some examples, are like throwing coins in water particularly flowing river , offering meals to single mostly young girls, nourishing and providing food for dogs sometimes black dogs , chanting-repeating Mantras, feeding Jwar like seeds to cow etc. Many people have benefited from the Lal Kitab.

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Hii to all frends I agree they r all fraud Ojas Softech Pvt Ltd. You all are fools who ordered lal kitab. I I would suggest all the people dont go to Mr vashisht to save your hard earned money he dont know any thing about the astrology aur aap jab wahan amrir waapis aaynge to aap ko dukh hi dukh mehsoos hoga aur kuch nahin.

After once watching this Lal Kitab scam ad on TV I thought of searching on forums to see if people have already been defrauded and not surprisingly I find many are.

Vashist Ji every Wednesday between 1: The reports are contracdictory at lot of places. They are fraudulently looting innocent people of their money.

Lal Kitab Amrit

Lal Kitab helps you in relating-interpreting and finding solutions for problems on aspects like MarriageHealthParentsChildrenOccupation-Profession etc. But Lal Kitab is said to be brought on paper much later in the 19th century. Please forward ur complaints with proof to me i will consolidate it.

I was directed from one department to the other and was finally told that I can email them and if sooftware see fit, they sogtware give me a reply.

Gurudev G D Vashist - World famous astrologer: Free Astrology App in Play Store

When i read it it is a bundle of big lies and contradiction. Lal Kitab literally Red Book is normally not available off the shelf like at bookstores, libraries etc, even in India.

This app has been written in Hindi for Hindi readers only. This guy and nirmal vsahist and asha ram and shri shri whatever they are stupid, thief. The remedies softwzre lal kitab are quick And effective and early resulting so The mass followers of Lal Kitab are increasing everyday. I m from bhatinda I belong from middle class family.

Clickastro - Trusted Astrology Service Since Thank you Alok sharma Alok gmail. Lal Kitab Lal Kitab is a set of five Urdu language books on Hindu astrology and palmistry, written in the 19th century, based on the Samudrika Shastra. If you help some you already feel good and god will love you.

Through the Free Prediction, lacs of people can benefit with nowadays easy internet access on mobile phones from all walks of life.

Both have roots in Punjab. Do not pay this stupid baba's. I called their support number but they did not help.

Dimag se kaam lo. I am filing an FIR shortly against this fraud, and also discussing with lawyer to book him for fraud again people who have some faith in astrology. Get real guys, stop believing in such stupid things like astrology and kundli and panditjis and babas and start depending on your own efforts. No one can tell you anything by date of birth or your name for your past or future.

It does not include any tip for Vastu Shastra or Palmistry or Numerology. Hindu Calendar with daily detailed Panchangam for your Android phone.

Account Options Sign in. A special gift for all of you from Gurudev G. I asked for a report regarding profession.

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