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Gaslight anthem sink or swim

The original Fallon, of course, is a natural performer, regularly engaging the audience in banter and sing-alongs. In the album's opener, "Boomboxes and Dictionaries," we get a very bouncy number to kick things off, slightly reminiscent of Against Me! There really isn't a lousy track on the disk.

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Now, I don't mean this in the sense of "Joe only listens to hardcore" or "Bob will only rock out to skatepunk," but I have a lot of gasligh that like classic rock, metal, hip-hop and even the latest scourge plaguing the local airwaves. This is one of those incredible albums that leaves you wanting more, knowing what the band is capable of, yet still introducing themselves with an amazing starting point.

Sink or Swimthe New Jersey-based quartet's debut LP, is the type of record that most young bands wish they could create to launch their musical career.

Sink or Swim (The Gaslight Anthem album) - Wikipedia

The Gaslight Anthem are one of the tightest outfits on the circuit today, consistently polished and capable of the sort of unified sound most good bands require several albums to achieve. There really isn't a lousy track on the disk. I don't know about you, pr a lot of my friends don't share the same musical tastes as me.

Both tracks are simply aink band at its best. In addition to the sound-absorbing Christmas tree to the right of the stage, the high, cathedral-esque ceilings and disproportionately wide proportions of the hall swallowed quite a bit of the music and what managed to escape often got trapped in the odd nooks and crannies of the beachside boutiques lining the concourse. Armed with lyrics occasionally delivered in an obnoxious spoken word style and jokes "Hello, we're the Gaslight Anthem.

In other words, Sink or Swim is an excellent album that really needs to be played start-to-finish in order to be properly appreciated because there's not as many mix tape-ready tracks to pull from the disk.

Clearly very comfortable on stage, the Gaslight Anthem displayed remarkable chemistry, exchanging playfully knowing glances and orchestrating deceptively casual musical improvisations that really electrified the audience. While Sink or Swimthe Gaslight Anthem's debut, is undeniably, one of the better records to emerge out of the punk scene over the past few years, it may be the band's weakest release.

Mixing newer tracks including debuting an unreleased song with selections from the band's first two decades of recording, the Bouncing Souls gave a pleasantly balanced set, being certain to cater to both newer and older fans.

Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. Influences are one of the most poignant themes contained within several tracks on the album.

The Bouncing Souls, predictably, performed an energetic gasslight of pogo-punk tracks that drove the circle pit into a frenzy. Initially dressed in matching red holiday jumpers, the band came across as extremely fan friendly, often holding the mike to the throbbing mass of kids dying to sing along with this most sing-alongable of bands. This page contains a siink entry by Sobriquet Magazine published on December 29, In the album's opener, "Boomboxes and Dictionaries," we get a very bouncy number to kick things off, slightly reminiscent of Against Me!

Considering my involvement in the punk community, I get to hear a lot of bands and I can't think of one in recent memory that could appeal to so many, both "punk-related" and not, music enthusiasts like the Gaslight Anthem.

With constant touring, fueled by one of the best live shows I've witnessed in some time, it's safe to say that you will be hearing a lot more about this band in the future.

The Gaslight Anthem: Sink or Swim

In addition to the Bouncing Swiim and the Gaslight Anthem, with whose music I am rather well acquainted, the bill included two other Jersey bands, Let Me Run and Gimme Drugs, neither of which really struck me as especially good.

Easily one of my gaslightt releases of About this Entry This page contains a single entry by Sobriquet Magazine published on December 29, Of course, this is saying a whole lot. You can tell the band is about to get huge. I mean, you can't help but be a bit biased. The band's performance, with the significant exception of "I'da Called You Woody, Joe," is consistently very good on the record, but most tracks fall just shy of great.

The original Fallon, of course, is a natural performer, anyhem engaging the audience in banter and sing-alongs. With the exception of one Bad Religion concert in Montreal's Jarry Park, I have never attended a punk show held in such an overlarge space and, to be honest, the music suffered. Subscribe to this blog's feed.

Next Review Tim Armstrong: Powered by Movable Type Pro. Brian Fallon's soulful Bruce Springsteen-meets-Tom Waits rasp, punk-infused roots rock riffs, and immensely catchy sing-along choruses. All the hallmarks of the Gaslight Anthem's sound are present on Sink or Swimthough perhaps not in anfhem breathtakingly mature a manner as on The '59 Sound: It's like eating one potato chip.

Gimme Drugs, as their rather lame name suggests, are one of those bands that are not particularly inventive.

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