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After I double click nothing will happen on my gtalk icon. You can go to that site to download gAlwaysIdle. Yabb reminds me of a community like Twi Comments are from Myanmar. Tagged with google talk , software tools.

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How to remove the Conficker worm? There are probably times when you'd rather not let people know you're around.

I've made a small cha Thankfully, I looked around in my hard disk and had a copy of the gAlwaysIdle program! Thanks for this solution.

Control your Idle status in Gtalk using gAlwaysIdle

I've added a table to Blogging Secret 's code to put adsense near the text on a new blogger post. That solves the problem! March 17, at 1: Thanks Shankar for providing a private download link. After I double click nothing will happen on my galwaywidle icon.

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It finally worked for me! Better yet, get rid of gTalk, maybe big brother Google will get the message if enough people leave.

Yep it is really true. Google Talk Google Talk does not provide a built-in functionality to allow you to control your glawaysidle status. May 15, at I am a gentle man. June 25, at 8: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Can someone send private download link or send. Thanks for the info…especially me being a somewhat high profile digg user…. I uninstalled gAlwaysIdle for some reason and now when I needed it back, I typed in their website address only to find that the gAlwaysIdle website is down.


June 14, at Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8. This Month's Most Popular Posts. At least get your grammar right. Newsgator has a cool post rating system galwasidle allow your visitors to rank your post just by clicking star icons. Way to stereotype everyone. Marin — Built for WordPress.

Thk man … xD!!! I recent came across an application called gAlwaysIdle.

Control your Idle status in Gtalk using gAlwaysIdle

Pidgin formerly Gaim 2. Dear friends, May I know how to get the gtalk idle installer. You are such a hypocrite. Set your Google Talk Status as Idle.

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