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Soliloquy slider

Transitioned to new data structure for better performance and security. Compatibility updates for WordPress 4. Updated the slide engine to add touch support for Windows phones and other touch devices. Soliloquy Config options screen.

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We have tested Soliloquy soli,oquy extremely high traffic websites to ensure that it scales without having any performance issues. Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. Easily select a slider to insert into your post or page.

Slider by Soliloquy – Responsive Image Slider for WordPress |

See the Lightbox demo. Watch the WooCommerce product slides video. See the Video slides demo. Close icon display on modals for WordPress 4. Great options with amazing soli,oquy I have been using Soliloquy Sliders on multiple sites for many months now, and have not yet been dissatisfied.

Slider by Soliloquy – Responsive Image Slider for WordPress

A shiny new interface for easily handling slideshows. Sorting slides in a slideshow and not clicking Update would result in loss of configuration 2. Thank you for your efforts! Better image grid layout for WordPress 4.

Numerous UI bug fixes 2. This means that your slideshows will always look solilosuy on all devices mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Soliloquy interface now only shown on Soliloquy post type by default. Transitioned to new data structure for better performance and security. YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and even self-hosted videos. It is caused by a caching issue.

We were tired of bloated and buggy plugins. For your images, photos, and galleries. Yes, you can add Soliloquy inside your blog posts, pages, widgets, and anywhere else on your WordPress website with a shortcode.

Bill Erickson — WordPress Consultant. You can get access to more features, Addons and support by visiting the Soliloquy website and purchasing a support license. Compatibility updates for WordPress 4. But we also knew that our developer friends may want to extend it further. Yes, Soliloquy works perfectly with WordPress multi-site.

Easy to Customize and Extend You can easily customize Soliloquy with our built-in templates or create your own. Basically if you want to create a beautiful WordPress slideshows, then you need to use Soliloquy. Removed deprecated code for image cropping 2. While Soliloquy offers tons soliloqu features, below are some of the most requested demos. Soliloquy is carefully built with performance in mind. Loading localization language files for some installations 2.

WooCommerce — Create beautiful product slides for your WooCommerce store. Optimized theme images 2. See the PDF slides demo.

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