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Jck editor joomla 1.5

This place is not the best to find support. It seems recently, though, there have been some changes. A definite must have.

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Quick Look: JCK Editor

Posted on 03 April For a full list of features and a demo of the product, visit Joomlw. In this case, you have to manually check the developer site to download and install new versions with new features, enhancements, security or bug fixes. Please refer to the project homepage hosted by joomlacode. Thank you for your review.

There is a wide variety of configuration settings available to precisely customize your backups to joomoa specific situation, and with the Premium version you can also backup to and restore directly from the cloud. Posted on 24 December JCK Editor relies on a strong set of plugins to help customize the Joomla editing environment.

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Installing ckeditor fixed everything out of the box. Functionality CKE is crashing, with last version of Joomla when adding "readmore" button, and so on. Plug-ins are the cornerstone of customisation, letting you personalize your editing experience. Joomlz things I love about CK Editor: It is a breeze to make custom templates.

As for other "vital" plugins: Posted on 19 October Mostly because it's very easy to use and customize for my clients.

JCE is a free extension, and is available for versions 1. Ive spent countless hours looking for solution for my other popular editor Demo Support Documentation Not available. The online tools I use in my business Changes to the Joomla robots.

Recommended Joomla Extensions - Build a Joomla Website

GPLv2 or later Type: The permissions fixing feature alone is worth the install. Akeeba Admin Tools is another of our must have extensions.

Virtuemart, Zoo, K2, Jdownload …. It brings to the Web popular editing features found in desktop word processors such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. K2 offers the ability to create your own custom content types, along with custom fields. I used to nck this editor, I even recommended it to other Joomla users.

Please read manual about configuration of resource types: A few words about CKEditor: With EasyBlog you get a full featured and complete blogging platform with available extensions ready to plug in for even greater functionality. Edktor recently, I noticed that: I recently needed to redo a huge website and thought I'd try a new, highly rated editor, so I installed another of the popular Joomla editors. Could somebody explain to me, how to setup a single and own image directory for each user.

From your description it is quite difficult to understand what could possibly have gone wrong, so it would be great if you could use the tracker see http: Also when i unistall this buggy thing, I cant login into administrator any more, I get blank screen.

This place is not the best to find support.

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