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The empire was founded by Timur also known as Tamerlane , a warlord of Turco-Mongol lineage, who established the empire between and his death in Member feedback about Battle of Khanwa: An Archaeological Survey of India ASI excavation from indicated that there was a habitation, temples and commercial centres here before Akbar built his capital.

GlovePIE doesn't work with the wiimote, and neither does Wiinremote even though I expected it to. I can set keys in Wiinremote such as Up on the D-pad to W on the keyboard, Left to A, and Down to S, but they only work in web browsers and such and not in-game. I can click with the script running, but I just can't pan the cursor around. We aren't here to write it for you, and while we can give suggestions, it not the primary purpose of Stack Overflow.