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Fireflight for those who wait

I'm having trouble, feeling all alone Will my heart ever find a home? Retrieved from " https: Who are waiting to hear the Gospel because they don't know yet. Flag Chaseroonie on March 19,

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Which isn't true at all. We are so thankful! To spread the message of Jesus. For Those Who Wait is the fourth full-length studio album released by Christian rock band Fireflight. Login with Facebook Rireflight But like I said, I'm leaning more towards the message of doubting and the fear that the One you are so desperately in love with isn't there.

Kevin also writes reviews for ChristianMusicReview.

REVIEW: Fireflight – For Those Who Wait

Another interpretation could be waiting on the "love of your life" to show up in your life. The album received largely favorable reviews. Retrieved from " https: We work and work, and sometimes it feels like it takes forever. He is there and He loves us.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Many times I just have to take a walk at night and talk to God about how I feel and how hard it is. Lyrics submitted by iwnbts For me, it is about waiting for God. So we sing a lullaby To the lonely hearts tonight Let it set your heart on fire Let it set you free At times, it is very hard and being in college does not help. I could definitely see that message in it. This is for those who wait Another day, another waiting time A little different, but it's still the same I am here, where is the one I'm longing for?

Song Meaning The meaning for this song for me is the people who are gonna be saved. This means a lot to me because my parent split and there are so many failing marriages.

REVIEW: Fireflight – For Those Who Wait

I know many times I think I can control outcomes and fureflight things to always go my way. The album was released on February 9, on Flicker Records. For Those Who Wait This Christian music album-related article is a stub.

The pressure makes us stronger The struggle makes us hunger The hard lessons make the difference That part of the song has to be my favorite because if something bad happens to you there is always a purpose to it and that purpose could be that our faith needs to be strengthened. She has an abusive father to which words do not describe how unjust that is but she endures and waits, in return she is given the opportunity to play for composers.

Unbroken and Unplugged Fireflight — For Those Who Wait.

Who are waiting to hear the Gospel because they don't know yet. Thpse having trouble, feeling all alone Will my heart ever find a home?

I immediately left writing for the album to fly home to be with him as he ended up having surgery to remove brain cancer. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and three daughters.

Fireflight - For Those Who Wait Lyrics | SongMeanings

Add your thoughts 7 Comments. I believe you must have endurance in whatever it is you are doing to succeed, whether it is getting to heaven, accomplishing a goal, or something this song really expresses for me ifreflight abstinent until marriage.

God has times of waiting in our lives because He has something for us to learn.

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