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Codesmith generator

As you can see, the code between the tokens is simply just C. The Merge folder contains templates that will show you how to use Preserve Region and Insert Region Merge Strategies across different file types and languages. Fill in the required information for the property directives we defined earlier. Generator supports both Preserve and Merge functionality on any text based output using regions. Also, some of the official Generator Frameworks require the latest version of the Generator.

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So if you are familiar with ASP. CodeSmith Generator includes many useful templates as well as entire sets of templates for generating proven architectures. ActiveSnippet Templates ActiveSnippet's allow you to quickly reduce the amount of time it takes to get your job done.

The DbDocumenter template will create a nicely formatted html document of your entire database. Obviously this is just a small bit of what CodeSmith Generator can actually do, but this simple example will give you some idea of the power that lies beneath.

Adios to Winter Bash Use ActiveSnippets and focus on other parts of your application. Learn more The Kinetic Framework is an extensible business and data layer framework codesmmith the Microsoft technologies.

CodeSmith Generator - Creating Your First Template To Automate Code

I see in CodeSmith's documentation, you can specify things such as Benerator and TableSchemaCollection to display a table or a list of tables in a picker when specifying the input in the properties to run the code generator. You can contact support using the contact us page. Maps provide a named dictionary like semantic to template development.

Also, some of the official Generator Frameworks require the latest version of the Generator. CodeSmith Generator can help you produce higher-quality, more consistent code in less time and enables software developers to efficiently:.

Share on Twitter Tweet. Online Store You can purchase CodeSmith Generator from our online store via egnerator card or purchase order. For customers without Premier Support, the upgrade fees are as follows:. Please contact Sales for SDK restrictions and pricing.

Visit the Upgrade Page. CodeSmith Generator templates are really just plain text files containing one of three different content types.

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Now, in codesmih code file I can see the property directive appear in my intellisense when typing the name of the property directive. What can CodeSmith Generator do for you? For customers without Premier Support, the upgrade fees are as follows: Watch the Merge Strategies Video.

Excpetionless Don't let your users walk away in frustration. There is much more to learn and see. Template IntelliSense Generator template editor includes statement completion for your custom templates.

Any support emails that we receive from users who have purchased Premier Support will be automatically redirected to the Premier Support queue. So I paste this into the template editor below the CodeTemplate Directive. You can see that I have added four property directives below the CodeTemplate Directive.

The Script Table Data and Extended Properties template allows you to generate a SQL script that can be used to migrate your data between database servers or import existing data into newly created databases.

This means you can maintain a high Code Generation presence right within Visual Studio and not have to switch applications to run code generation. ToLongDateString replaces the expression. The Enterprise license provides you with unlimited licenses for use at any location within your enterprise.

After adding all the dynamic content, my completed template looks as follows. This means that keeping up to date with the Generator allows you to stay up to date with your templates, and provides you with access to their fixes and enhancements as well. Enterprise Products Enterprise licensing for CodeSmith Generator is available for large companies who want to give all of the developers access to the Generator.

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