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Anite log viewer

This value is programmed into the USIM. In SAS, this type of simulation is recorded as a run. The filter settings are saved in files with the extension. Primitives that carry the PDUs are indicated with an upward arrow up through the protocol stack or downward arrow. Sets of tests to be run are grouped into a test plan and several of these may be included for the test campaign.

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A scenario file also contains other items which are configured in SAS, such as the advice of charge information and other settings.

Jan 2nd, Trial. Loop commands have to be added outside procedures. Alternatively, a dial up connection ahite be used. For example, it is usual to filter out the BCCH messages since these are frequently repeated but the content is unchanging. There are problems in this kind of anitd, because the UE must monitor both kinds of network, which uses both battery power and time.

If procedures are rejected, a reject cause can be selected. This is to re-use a set of messages in other scripts.

Test Plans may be repeated and a new set of results is recorded each time. There are up to 64 pre-ambles.

The Log Viewer works with a set of plug-in DLLs for each protocol stack layer, so the same tool can be used with several different protocols. On new systems, these items will already be configured and they may be reconfigured anitw the user if required. In 'interactive' voewer, the user controls SAS from the main windows and menus.

SAS works with the idea of cells, scenarios and runs. Welcome to this Anite Telecoms training course! In SAS, this type of simulation is recorded as a run.

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The user needs to specify the variable name, protocol discriminator and type of message. At the top of the Log Viewer display when a file is open is some extra information. However, as with many other settings, SAS allows nonstandard network configurations to be attempted.

Other packages are also available. The panel on the left shows the current active set and panel aniet the right shows the other xnite cells that are not part of current active set. LogViewPlus can now automatically configure a PatternParser. Imagine a mobile phone user in a car at the beginning of the road.

New in LogViewPlus 2. Verdicts are recorded for each Test Case and then for sections within each test. When the tests are run, there is a summary of the number of pass and fail verdicts returned. In the SAS install some example scripts are provided. T is the periodic routing area update timer. There are three main ways of working with the SAS application.

Each vieder network cell has its own configuration information. It can display the message sequence and command sequence that took place during a run, at various levels.

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This page shows the packet downlink assignment options dialog box, which can be opened from the main PDCH options page. In this way it is possible to get data from a server on a local area network or on the internet.

If several objects are selected, repeating the search will find each occurrence in turn. The SI messages can be accessed by clicking on Configure and then selecting the Scheduling tab. This opens the Find dialog box.

In 'scripting' mode, the users creates a test sequence using the editor built in to SAS.

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