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Aldo pianito 2.1

Close Pianito window to refresh the new values. And once you get familiar with the keyboard layout, all that is left is to unleash your creativity and start playing. Aldo's Pianito was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici. This is useful for the guitar-effect.

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Download Free Aldos Pianito, Aldos Pianito Download

And once you get familiar with the keyboard layout, all that is left is to unleash your creativity and start playing. This is useful for the guitar-effect.

Wilbur's Music Tutorial excellent music lessons for novices Related Link: Software Aldo's Macro Recorder 5. Move the slide near the "Auto-Chord".

Aldo pianito 2.1 free download

Aldo's Pianito is an interactive and intuitive application that aims to assist children and adults alike in learning how to play the piano in alxo fun and simple way. Net magazine from Taiwan with a circulation around 30, and many other shareware CDs from Asia. Oct 21st, Shareware. October 16, Description Pianito is a very intuitive and funny piano simulator great to learn music.

Accordions, horns and bass, guitar harmonics, harps and music boxes, drums and violins can be combined in order to generate melodic, resonant sounds. Read the full changelog. pianitk - Drum Machine and Piano Synthesizer Software by Aldo Vargas

Also available at DownloadAstro. Click to load comments. Play in background your favorite MP3, midi or wave files as your rythm pattern while you play interactively with the keyboard of your PC. Close Pianito window to refresh the new values. Also it has been featured in a cover CD from Sepcom's PCMaganize which "is one of France's main computing monthly publication, with an average circulation of ,", in a cover CD of Hello!

Aldo's Pianito was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici. You can easily adjust the speed of the recorded songs by selecting the tempo to use, as well as set the tone level or optionally add reverberation effects to your sounds.

Fixed window size for XP.

New in Aldo's Pianito 3. The piano keyboard is mapped to your PC and the application can be set to display the corresponding letters for each key until you get accustomed with the virtual keyboard.

Aldo's Pianito comes with a collection of over different instruments that can be used pianit creating beautiful songs. Recommended for children and adults.

Play perfect chords pressing a single key using the Auto-Chord feature. A piano synthesizer and simulator that enables you to use the PC keyboard in order to create music, with real-ime wave and midi saving.

New Features in 2. New Features in 3. This piano features different instruments and 48 percussion instruments, save unlimited songs recorded with instruments, replay with a single key pressing CTRL, all piano keyboard mapped to your PC use SHIFT to play one octave down. The program is capable of recording songs and save the output to your computer, allowing you to easily replay sound areas in order to review the rhythm.

With the help of this easy to use piano simulator, music aficionados and performers can enhance their skills by playing new songs, while beginners can experiment with notes and learn about the keyboard layout.

Furthermore, two instruments can be played simultaneously.

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