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Running wild shadowmaker

The album's epic, "Dracula," has some cool riffs and ideas within its corridors, but it only manifests itself properly for maybe four or five minutes before the blood runs dry, and it can't hold a fraction of a candle to the magnificent epics Rolf previously penned such as "The Battle of Waterloo. The opener, Piece of the Action , features instead an interesting intro, with some low vocals by Kasparek, bursting out into the same pattern, crowned by some nice more hard rock than heavy metal refrain. Plus, having not written and new music for 7 years or so will cause more than a fair share of rust to accumulate, which is again nothing to really hold against them. Rolf put Running Wild on hold for several years, and the band was ment to be finished, but the man decided to reunite the band just recently.

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Nowadays it's only Rolf and Peter Jordan G doing the rounds, with Rolf also playing bass and a somewhat annoying drum machine keeping the beat. Solid review, have a pos. Actually, the album starts off with five of those songs. Each time a song starts I already have a little smile on my face and find the track quite addictive, memorable and old shsdowmaker.

While working on four new tracks for a compilation album, bandleader Rolf Kasparek felt he enjoyed writing songs again, which led to the band's reunion in Runnung ThorgrimMay 18th, So what we have here with Shadowmaker is two very good songs, one decently good, several mediocre ones and two actually bad ones. Where are the awesome riffs? Is this really what Running Wild deserves? I don't want to be rude, but "Shadowmaker" is like a now-mediocre magician trying runninng relive old tricks to make a few bucks out of it.

In the end, I found this "Shadowmaker" a great and catchy thus not "complex" or particularly brilliant album, having its own best parts in the "pirate"-themed tracks, featuring great and clean vocals by Rolf Kasparek, many catchy choruses and riffs, even more brilliant and inspired guitar solos. For every decent track like "Piece of the Action," there are three more bargain bin "Locomotive"s waiting right around the corner.

Edguy Space Police - Defenders of the Crown. Well yes, Locomotive is another highlight. At no point is the music offensive nor unpleasant, but it does become painfully repetitive, and it is consistently dull.


I'll just vainly hope, again, that this new experiment would wake Rolf up from his long lethargy and let him concentrate in what he does best. Since the band's return to the scene, Rolf wrote 10 new tracks for Shadowmaker, among them are the midtempo opener "Piece of the Action", the uptempo number "Shadowmaker" roughly the same pace as "Angel Of Mercy" from Rogues en Vogue and the monumental eight-minute track "Dracula", based on Bram Stoker 's novel and the Christopher Lee movies.

I've been a diehard fanatic of Running Wild and Rock 'n' Rolf since the same moment that I bought "Black Hand Inn" almost 19 years ago and this is, for sure, one of those difficult reviews to make. Piece of the Action.

Running Wild - Shadowmaker (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

EmpyrealMay 16th, GuntherTheUndyingMay 13th, Introspection Late Night Partying. The first song that rises above the whole album is Riding on the Tidea song that - not shadowmakfr - calls back the long Running Wild pirate metal tradition; it's yet a pretty canonical track for the band, featuring a great and catchy chorus, enjoyable guitar riffs and an equally good guitar solo.

The relief, of course, being that it ruhning end, and the band were honest enough not to take a stab at making this their magnum opus of sorts. Yeah, this just doesn't get anything of any significance at all.

Running Wild – Shadowmaker Review

This album got quite a load of negative reviews. The cover represents the album well - it is mediocre and it shows very little rnning. The song is over 7 minutes long horror themed track and aims to be another epic track — but it fails miserably.

Plus, having urnning written and new music for 7 years or so will cause more than a fair share of rust to accumulate, which is again nothing to really hold against them.

Shadowmaker - Running Wild | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Some songs fare slightly better, such as "Black Shadow" some creative guitar work in places and "Locomotive", where the band once again assumes a hard-rocking vibe with pretty acceptable results. Into The Black is like Soul Vampires pt.

Only two of the ten new songs revel in the band's trademark pirate imagery "Riding on the Tide," "Sailing Fire"while other tracks revolve around topics such as the Apocalypse "Into the Black," "Black Shadow" and Dracula, as portrayed in Bram Stoker 's novel and the Christopher Lee movies rynning eight-minute "Dracula". Technology can be difficult to grasp, it is already apparent that Rolf is not very good when trying something new.

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