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Winsim software

There are still a couple of seats open. You can also disable and enable any sheet in the flowsheet. Added more error detection and handling to increase stability Fixed displaying all the time intervals in a Table on the flowsheet Fixed a problem where the child text strings did not retain their relative locations to their streams and symbols when pasting from the clipboard Fixed a problem with the text moving to the center of the flowsheet when pasting symbols and streams to a sheet that is the same size as the clipboard selection Fixed a problem in the Controller unit module that did not allow stream mass flowrates to be used for the measured variable when varying a Component Splitter Fixed using the Controller unit module to set the mass flowrate of a feed stream to a percentage of the mass flowrate of another stream Miscellaneous small enhancements and fixes see release notes Please note that the Password algorithm was changed for the Added two new Claus Plant sample flowsheets: We still have 2 or 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Monday, August 13th at 8 am.

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Found that the validation check was not working for the unit module that the Case Study was checking on. August 20, - Version 9. The value had been mistakenly changed to 1. We have two changes for the July 11 class: November 11, - Please note!

Fixed the USB hardware key security support in the user interface. This training is highly effective and is the next best thing to actually being here in person. Corrected the true vapor pressure and the bubble point calculations on a mixture that has both hydrocarbons and free water.

Design II for Windows

August 31, - Version Fixed an Excel Results Transfer problem when there were two exchangers with rating results on the flowsheet. Please surf to www. We have been offering one class per month, typically on the second Monday of the wwinsim.

The thermodynamics convergence for pure water streams using the steam tables and having a pressure above the critical pressure point psia has been improved.

June 7, - Version Fixed a problem with the new drawing symbol definition that caused flowsheets with newer or custom symbols to fail validation Miscellaneous small enhancements and fixes see release notes i Please note that the Password algorithm was changed for the Added a water miscibility print to the stream and equipment results headers Added a warning about the need to treat water as an immiscible component when with hydrocarbon systems and there is non-soluable water Fixed several three phase flash calculations winsjm with mixtures of natural gases, ethylene glycol and water winsij mixtures of natural gas, methanol and water Changed the unit module initialization code so that feed streams to a unit module are automatically reflashed if the k-value method, enthalpy method or the water softwage is changed for the unit module.

We still wonsim 2 or 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Monday, August 12, at 8 am. Motivated to close new business.

Added new suction and discharge conditions to the equipment prints for the Polytropic Compressor, Pump, Compressor and Expander. The agenda for the session can be found at training agenda 70K Word document. The Glitsch tray sizing table for Distill and Refine columns is now reported with the correct tray flooding percent value when the tray diameter is calculated.

We still have 2 or 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Friday, August 3, at 8: We still have 2 or 3 spots open for the class scheduled for Friday, January 10, at 8: July 14, softwrae Please note! Improved the calculation of the methanol inhibition temperature at high pressures and low methonal or high methanol in the free water phase.

This was causing various mixtures to mistakenly fail to calculate their dew and bubble points under unique circumstances related to calculational order of the streams and unit modules. Conversion of the general two phase plus free water flash into a true three phase flash for all equipment modules.

September 30, - Version 8. If you choose to download the new release, please email Peggy with your serial number for a new password if you are on a current MSS or PUA agreement. Added full dialog support for the Controller unit module for all set, vary and until commands Added full dialog support for the Depressurizer unit module for all commands Updated the Depressurizer unit module to the 7th edition of the API document and added several new commands including a new vent mixture command vent vapor is default Converted all US flowsheets to use the Metric grid 1.

WinSim Inc. Process Simulation

This is an major upgrade release with both fixes and updates. We have two changes for the May 2 class: The isothermal and adiabatic flash convergence have been improved by automatically checking the dew and bubble points of the mixture before conducting a multiple phase flash.

Also incorpora ted a start date and a stop date into the password. Added a new Phase and Density table dinsim the Line Module Fixed a problem in the simulator kernel output file parsing that caused a c rash in the user interface Found that the default on the Refine Column Maximum Matrices command was tw o, not three as in the documentation.

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