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I'm too lazy to fix it at the moment. Updated 14 hours ago. Posted May 25,

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What is the Deal With Slow-Mo? There also wasn't a lot of synchronization involved, so it is quite tedious to play.


Tagged with featurefree gamesreviewwot i thinkSoundodger. Updated November 2, It has a Find function and it formats XML data nicely, highlighting opening and closing tags so it's much easier to look at. Plus, there soundldger questionable sync through the level, making it even more tedious.

In this I will talk about various cheats, exploits, helpful gameplay stuff and editor things. You lose score every time a bullet exits the arena it hits the outer wall while you are still using slow-mo.

Decided to make lecvel with this song hope you enjoy!! Each song from folks like Fez collaborator Disasterpeace, I might….

Soundodger Tips & Tricks - Tips & Tutorials - Soundodger Community

This seems pretty lazy. The cuts in the music limited this level being a fast-paced level. Or to put it another way, it is much more difficult to pull off this technique with 60 FPS mode on, as the hitbox checking occurs twice as often as in 30 FPS mode. This is how you're meant to get the Winding Down achievement, by the way. Okay, so soundogder of all, for your "first" level, I believe it's a good start.

On another note, doundodger no way this level is 4 points. Posted May 25, This equates to bullets being generated 5 times their usual rate, which can cause dense patterns to form quickly. However, this level had lots of potential. You have a lot to improve, but we all do!

We all have stuff to improve on. Got alot of inspiration from On Melancholy Hill and tried to keep it simple, but I didn't really succeed. Best song soundogder OST don't me.

what is soundodger+?

Also, since it's my first level, my creating skills are horrible so uhh, don't get your hopes up souundodger. Now, since this is a bonus level, I'm rating this 3 stars instead of 2 because bonus levels aren't supposed to be a masterpiece. Pretty cool, but I have to agree with Waved. First, what is happening to the bullets and their speed?

Submitted December 1, Keepsake - This Time Around feat. Already have an account?

To repeat, no, your player hitbox is not getting smaller, it's only an animation. I wish there would be more bullets, bubbles, hugs, and all that other stuff. There are a couple of interesting consequences of this being a part of the game: Posted September 19, Help and soujdodger would be much appreciated! Updated December 30,

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